Ask Questions Here

I have a passion for understanding our amazing world, and also where we came from.

What do you find curious? Have you ever wondered how people took care of their nails long ago? Or perhaps how kissing started? Or how intelligent dolphins are?

I am too! I would love trying to find the best answer to any questions you may have. Hopefully someday, I might even take the best questions and answers and create a book out of it. In the meantime, please do ask me any questions you may have.

I am most interested in:

  • History (especially how we did common things in the past)
  • Science (latest research, what the consensus is, the history of what we've known, etc)
But if you have other questions that you are curious about, either comment below or send me an email.

I'm not interested in politics, so I'd prefer to refrain from that area.

Also, feel free to ask questions more directly related to HDC, such as atheism, religion, etc.



  1. What is the history of zombies? What cultures have had zombie myths?

  2. contraceptives and sex aides

  3. how do Amish people do anything? I once took a tour and saw an iron stove. where the *@$& did they get iron? Do they have hidden iron mines? How would they melt it into a shape, even if they got it?

    For that matter, how do we even melt metal into a shape? I know we use a mold made of a substance that does not liquify at the same temperature, but how did we make the first mold? With another mold? There can't be an infinite string!

    1. Probably the same way as our ancestors did a couple of hundred years ago, which is the timeframe from which their technology is nominally taken.

  4. Firsts are always nice. When/where were the first toothbrushes? Vending machines? Condoms? Fireworks?

  5. Gender. Do all cultures have two genders? Do some cultures have more? Has gender changed, like language?

  6. Have there been any genders beside masculine and feminine?

  7. Oh my goodness, you guys are awesome! I have a lot of work to do, don't I?

    Keep them coming, I love it! :D :D :D

  8. What cultures had no gods? Have theistic trends changed over the ages? For example, was it once popular to have multiple gods, then popular to have only one? Was the role of god(s) different for different cultures?

  9. OK. This is like, 10 books!

  10. When did people first begin dyeing their hair?
    Who invented coffee?
    How did people start doing drugs?

  11. Zombies! What is the history of scary things in general? Are there other cool monsters?

  12. What are the craziest things people have done for entertainment? Are there any early versions of "Jackass"?

  13. Whoever thought of vaccinations? Why would you take something from a sick person and rub it on you, eat it, or inject it?

  14. I like the sex questions!:
    What other animals have oral sex?
    What animal has the most sex?
    Do females in other species orgasm?
    Do females rape?
    What species has the most difficult time giving birth? What species has the easiest?
    What animals can make babies with what other species?

  15. You are awesome! I love it! I am writing them all down. :) Keep them coming! :) :) :)

  16. About your dead cat: it does look tossed, but it also looks quite alive...