More Lolcats To Make You Smile

So I made a mistake today. I asked my mom who she was going to vote for. It wasn't a fun conversation because she had crazy ideas that no amount of logic was going to budge. Then my dad joined in. He basically implied that I was an idiot for not seeing things his way (ad hominem example?!) and then gave the phone back to my mom.

He seemed really angry and upset with my choice, which is already done because I voted early. They are so angry and seem like they are listening to the oddest information. I wonder how long my dad will be mad at me?

So let's have a bit of a break and see what lolcats can do to make us smile. Some random pictures for you.


  1. Heh, this reminds me of when I was younger. I would ask my dad who he voted for in any presidential election and he would refuse to tell me. No matter how much i bugged him or begged him to tell me, I could never get the information out of him.

    Maybe he didn't want to influence my decision?

  2. I live in a rather rural area of a swing state, which means that ignorance and anger concerning politics is extremely rampant. My own mother called me before the primary to urge me to vote for the person who wouldn't hand our country over to terrorists.

    Thus far, however, my parents, who are both very conservative and very right-wing fundamental Christians, have not asked me who I am voting for. In fact, they haven't asked me if I am still a "Christian" either. Something tells me that they just don't want to know, honestly.

    People get so angry and personally offended when it comes to religion or politics, but it seems to me that it's the ones who rely on faith, emotion and heresay from their peers to make decisions rather than logic that get the most offended at any challenge to their ideology.

  3. Thankfully, my parents have no idea whats going on with the election or where anyone stands. In fact, they have no idea who's even running (they still think its between Obama and Hillary). They don't keep up with the news, nor do they seem to care (even when I was freaking out with the economy hitting the shitter).

    Theyed ask me who they should vote for and I simply told them to vote for Obama and Biden. They said, "Ok" no questions asked.

    Score two votes for the Dems.

    Unfortunately, we live in MA so its going to Obama anyway.

  4. Hi Sue Nami, Deleted and Ann, thanks for commenting! :)

    Sue Nami it sounds like your dad was really thoughtful. That's awesome. Of course, if he had told you WHY he did what he did, that might have helped even more. HA!

    Deletedsoul, I'm in a similar situation. Ignorance and anger is quite rampant here as well. It sure does sound like your parents really don't want to know about your relationship with their god. I totally agree with you, too. I think there's something to what you said about how angry people get when their belief systems are challenged and they really have no substance to back them up. Maybe they're like wounded badgers cornered. They feel they have to fight for their lives because they have nothing. It's so much easier to get angry and lash out at people than actually try to THINK and LEARN and GROW and take in new information that might threaten your delicate beliefs.

    Ann, well, yeah, score two votes for Obama and the democrats. But hey, don't say it's unfortunate. It's all good. Hopefully somehow it all adds up. Or is that wishful thinking? :P