You have different types of extremists in this crazy world today. Each one that I can think of makes me scratch my head in wonder. As in what the fuck is the deal with these nut cases.

The first type I'm going to cover is religious extremists. The types that blow up cars, ram planes into buildings, etc. This really boggles my mind. Why do people kill in the name of some (likely imaginary) god? I'll state it this way for the religious. If we weren't meant to think for ourselves, why would god give us a brain and free will? He or she could have easily designed us as mindless robots. So why all the violence in the name of religion? I guess some haven't evolved into civilized individuals. They still hold on to the values of the dark ages where freethinkers or infidels were burned at the stake.

Now I'll go on to the Pro-Lifers. Not your everyday folks that think abortion is wrong. But those who murder doctors and set clinics on fire. Those people are against abortion because it's murder to them. So abortion is wrong because it is murder?! So what is killing a medical practitioner? Is it like this, "don't kill the unborn, but it's ok to kill the living." Logic, you're doing it wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right.

The next example I will go on to is animal rights extremists. I'm an animal lover myself. People that abuse them make me sick. But I would never ever kill another human or blow up a testing facility for the love of my pet. It basically goes back to the same concept as the post above, except I'll state it as so. "It's terrible to torment and/or kill a puppy, but it's ok to kill a human." Again, two wrongs don't make a right. Animal cruelty is wrong. There are better measures to end such violence. In most countries there are laws that protect animals. If you don't think the laws are good enough you can change them. Picketing, signing petitions, and so on. Making a pipe bomb to use to vandalize an animal testing site is not the way to go.

Murder and abuse of any living being is wrong. No matter how much of a misanthrope I may be sometimes. The idea of taking another's life sickens me. Anyone with any common sense knows there's no justifiable reason for murder.

This topic makes me think back. About a year ago I would visit the Animal Liberation Front message board on a regular basis. I remember seeing graphics, banners, bumpers stickers with this question on them, "What part of thou shall not kill don't you understand?" What part of thou shall not kill don't you extremists understand?! How did the rights of a invisible man in the sky, unborn fetus, or a cat get to be greater than the rights of a fellow human? So many things I just don't understand.

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