50 Old Testament Inconsistencies

I don't normally argue the 'finer' points of the bible because I'm an atheist; god doesn't exist, therefore the bible is simply a poorly written book from the Iron Ages. Its only value to me is perhaps a bit of history, but it isn't even very good with that, because it's been translated and copied so many times.

That being said, I do have a couple of bibles. Mainly I use the Skeptic's Annotated Bible when I need one now, though. The thing about being a skeptic/atheist, you have to know more than the "true believer".

Here are 50 inconsistencies in the old testament that you can keep in your back pocket for arguments.

  1. Man was created equal, male and female. Gen.1:27.
    Woman was created as a companion to the man only after he rejected the animals. Gen.2:18-24.

  2. Man was created after the plants. Gen.1:12, 26.
    Man was created before the plants. Gen.2:5-9.

  3. The birds were created out of the water. Gen.1:20.
    The birds were created out of the land. Gen.2:19.

  4. The animals were created before man. Gen.1:24-26.
    The animals were created after man. Gen.2:19.

  5. On the first day, God created and separated light and darkness. Gen.1:3-5.
    On the fourth day, God again created and separated light and darkness. Gen.1:14-18.

  6. God encouraged reproduction. Gen.1:28.
    He said it was an unclean process. Lev.12:1-8 (Note that bearing a daughter is more unclean than bearing a son).

  7. God was pleased with his creation. Gen.1:31.
    God was not pleased with his creation. Gen.6:6.

  8. Adam was to die the day he ate the forbidden fruit. Gen.2:17.
    Adam lived 930 years. Gen.5:5.

  9. The name of "The Lord" was known in the beginning. Gen.4:26; Gen.12:8; Gen.22:14; Gen.26:25.
    The name of "The Lord" was not known in the beginning. Ex.6:3.

  10. God preferred Abel's offering to Cain's. Gen.4:4, 5.
    God shows no partiality. 2 Chr.19:7; 2 Sam.14:14.

  11. God asks Cain the whereabouts of his brother. Gen.4:9.
    God goes to see what is happening. Gen.18:20, 21.
    God is everywhere and sees everything. Prov.15:3; Jer.16:17; Jer.23:24.

  12. It rained on the earth. Gen.7:4.
    There was rain from above and below. Gen.8:2.

  13. Two pairs of each kind were to be taken aboard Noah's ark. Gen.6:19, 20; Gen.7:9, 14-16.
    Two pairs and seven pairs of some kinds were to be taken aboard. Gen.7:2, 3.

  14. Noah entered the ark during the Flood. Gen.7:7.
    Noah entered the ark after the Flood. Gen.7:12, 13.

  15. There were many languages before the tower at Babel. Gen.10:5, 20, 31.
    There was only one language before the tower at Babel. Gen.11:1.

  16. Abraham married his half-sister and was blessed. Gen.11:29; Gen.17:15,16; Gen.20:11,12.
    Incest is wrong. Deut.27:22; Lev. 18:9; Lev. 20:17.

  17. God renamed Jacob and called him Israel. Gen.35:10.
    God forgot the new name. Gen.46:2.

  18. Dan had one son. Gen.46:23.
    Amazingly, this one son produced over 62,000 military-age males by the first census. Num.1:38,39.

  19. All the beasts died in plague number six. Ex.9:6.
    All the beasts received boils in plague number seven. Ex.9:10.
    All the beasts were hit with hail and fire in plague number eight. Ex.9:25.
    All the beasts lost their firstborn in plague number ten. Ex.12:29.

  20. All the plant life was destroyed by hail. Ex.9:25.
    All the plant life was destroyed by locusts. Ex.10:15.

  21. God instructs the Israelites to spoil the Egyptians and plunder their enemies. Ex.3:22; Deut.20:13-17.
    God prohibits stealing or defrauding a neighbor. Lev.19:11,13.

  22. Moses was great. Ex.11:3.
    Moses was meek. Numbers 12:3.

  23. Moses was the only allowed near God. Ex.24:2.
    Moses was not the only one allowed. Ex.24:9-11.

  24. Moses condemned the making of an idol. Ex.32:19, 20.
    Moses made an idol. Num.21:9; 2 Ki.18:4.

  25. The commandments were memorably given at the beginning of the wilderness trek. Ex. 19 and 20.
    The people appeared not to remember later in the wilderness. Lev.24:12; Num.15:34.

  26. Moses told the people they would pass over the Jordan that day. Deut.9:1.
    It was Joshua who took them over much later. Josh.1:1, 2.

  27. The number of Israelites, excluding children, was 600,000. Ex.12:37.
    The number of Israelites, including children, was only 7000. 1 Ki.20:15.

  28. Manna tasted like coriander seed and honey. Ex.16:31.
    Manna tasted like fresh oil. Num.11:8.

  29. The Sabbath Day was to remember creation. Ex.20:11; Ex. 31:17.
    The Sabbath Day was to remember the sojourn in Egypt. Deut.5:15.

  30. God details sacrificial offerings. Ex.20:24; Ex.29:10-42; Lev.1:1-17; Num.28:1-31.
    God says he did not order sacrifices. Jer.7:22

  31. The Israelites were a numerous and mighty people. Ex.1:8, 9.
    The Israelites were few in number. Deut.7:7.

  32. The Israelites had plenty of water to wash their clothes for purification. Ex.19:10.
    The Israelites had no water and rioted for a drink. Ex.15:22-24.

  33. God was with the people. Ex.3:12.
    God was not with the people. Ex.33:

  34. Samuel ministered to the "Lord". 1 Sam.3:1.
    Samuel did not know the "Lord". 1 Sam.3:7.

  35. David killed Goliath. 1 Sam.17:49,50.
    Elhanan killed Goliath. 2 Sam.21:19-21. (Notice that the phrase "the brother of" has been added).

  36. "God" caused David to number the people. 2 Sam.24:1.
    "Satan" caused David to number the people. 1 Chr.21:1.

  37. God chose Saul. 1 Sam.9:16.
    God repents for choosing Saul. 1 Sam.15:35.
    God doesn't need to repent. Num. 23:19.

  38. Saul inquired of God but received no answer. 1 Sam.28:6.
    Saul died for not inquiring. 1 Chr.10:13, 14.

  39. Saul killed himself. 1 Sam.31:4; 1 Chr. 10:4, 5.
    Someone killed Saul. 2 Sam.1:5-10.
    The Philistines killed Saul. 2 Sam.21:12.
    God killed Saul. 1 Chr.10:13,14.

  40. God prohibits the making of idols. Ex.20:4; Deut.5:8, 9.
    God commands idols to be made. Ex.25:18; Num.21:8, 9.

  41. Children are to suffer for their parent's sins. Ex.20:5; Ex.34:7; Num.14:18; Deut.5:9; Is.14:21.
    Children are not to suffer for their parent's sins. Deut.24:16; Ezek.18:19,20.

  42. God prohibits the killing of the innocent. Ex.23:7.
    God approves the killing of the innocent. Num.31:17; Josh.6:21; Josh.7:24-26; Josh.8:22-25; Josh.10:20, 40; Josh.11:15; 1 Sam.15:3.

  43. God inflicts sickness. Num.11:33; 2 Chr.21:14, 15.
    Satan inflicts sickness. Job 2:7.

  44. Death to a false prophet. Deut.18:20.
    Death also to a real prophet deceived by "God". Ezek.14:9.

  45. God remembers sin even when it has been forgiven. Ex.34:7.
    God does not remember sin after it has been forgiven. Jer.31:34.

  46. God promised the land to the people. Ex.12:25.
    God broke his promise. Num.14:30, 31.

  47. God sows discord. Gen.11:7-9.
    God hates those who cause discord. Prov.6:16-19.

  48. God is near to all who call on him. Ps.145:18.
    God is far away and cannot be found in times of need. Ps.10:1.

  49. God sometimes forsakes his children. Ps.22:1, 2.
    God is always a present help. Ps.46:1.

  50. The righteous shall rejoice when he sees vengeance. Ps.58:10, 11.
    Do not rejoice when your enemy falls or stumbles. Prov.24:17.

Found Here, thanks. And here's a link to contradictions in the bible at the Skeptic's Annotated Bible.


  1. I like these, but a few of them appear to be intentionally misleading. Some of them are listed as sperate and contradicting, but they might have both happened. Also, if there is enough time then situations may have changed. Of course, there are many that there is no explanation for.

  2. Som of these are taken out of context:

    "God was pleased with his creation. Gen.1:31.
    God was not pleased with his creation. Gen.6:6."

    "Gen 6:5 The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. 6 The LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain."

    So God was pleased with what he had created initially, but became displeased later on when humans started being wicked. I see no contradiction in this.

  3. Have you really found out all these by yourself?!

  4. Hey so i looked at one of your arguments..#3 about the pbirds

    so what version are you using? I'm looking at NIV and KJV and what you said is either misinformed or a lie

    here are the verses in question

    Gen 1:20 And God said, "Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky."

    Gen 2:19 Now the LORD God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name.

    so after looking at those two verses. where does it says that god created birds frmo water?

    This is NIV, which is considered the mosted trusted/authentic translation from teh old hebrew/greek/latin

    since that is debunked can you please now remove that form the list?

    It's easy to present a giant list of stuff - it's even easier to look at one of your points randomly and debunk it right away

  5. another reason to be atheist....

  6. While I am an atheist and I do agree that the Bible is not a perfect book, to call it poorly written is just not fair. Nor is it fair to say that it has little historical use. Can we use it as a direct chronicle for history? No. Can we use it for cross-cultural comparisons of settings and events going on at the time of its writing among its people? Absolutely. The Bible is an extremely fascinating work from an academic perspective, and I would indeed argue that put into its historical framework (considering its writers and its time), it is an exceptionally versatile and well-formed book. Certainly in terms of the Old Testament, the contradictions are intended by the editors of the canon, and the same can be argued for the editors of the New (indeed, the Gospels are each targeted at different audiences for conversion, be they Jews, Gentiles, or Women). Additionally, some of the contradictions listed here are not contradictions in fairly reasonable interpretations (again, historical context and comprehension of the original language is helpful in determining what is reasonable). I do thoroughly believe that as a text the Bible deserves respect and scholarship.

    However... Fundamentalists can not be allowed to force their views into the science classroom or into a doctor's room, and obviously to anybody with even an inkling of critical thought (an education helps too) the Bible is not factual. To that end, this list is useful. I just think that it is unnecessarily derisive to a surprisingly good book to call it poorly written and mostly ahistorical (events aside, views of the different writer groups are preserved). That's all.

    By the way, in addition to the Skeptic's Annotated Bible, I would recommend having on hand a religious study Bible. Many of the best arguments against fundamentalists involve thorough depth of knowledge of history and language. Alternate translations are additionally pretty interesting, such as The Book of J, which offers a totally different view of the Jahwist stories.

  7. As you mention in your introduction: 'the bible is simply a poorly written book'. May I add: written by humans, writing down what they thought was real and/or important at the time of writing (the same of course goes for other socalled holy books).
    Keeping that in mind, I cannot consider the bible (or quotes from it) to be a valid means to prove or 'unprove' anything. That would, to me, be using the same 'weapons' as Jehova witnesses, ripping pieces of text out of their context.

    Religion (or atheism, for that matter), if one is inclined to it or needs it as a plan for life, does not depend on, nor is its impact on one's life lessened by, logic mistakes or contradictions in books.
    Both are a way of seeing and experiencing life, and sometimes you have a good day, sometimes a not so good day.


    That said, have a good day !

  8. I wanted to to say many things to this posting, none of which would do any good of even trying to explain to someone so blind as yourself. You sir can never understand the bible it is your curse in life and that is something you will have to deal with, will you always be blind I am not sure but the bible never ever contradicts itself. What you have take here is the bible out of context to fit your own need and desires. Could I try and counter your writings here I am sure of that but will they do anyone justice? I can tell you if you have read the bible and prayed to G'd for understanding then the bible will be open up to you and you will see the truth of it. I only read the KJV of the bible because you are correct people are taking the book and re-creating it in there own image.

    As for Adam eating of the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, that he shall surly die, you sir will never understand this passage because you where thinking he would die a physical death, but if you read on and know G'ds word you would know it was a spiritual death that was bestowed upon mankind and this is the reason you don't understand the bible now, your dead! You have been dead from the day of your birth and until you have come to the full knowledge that life without Jesus you will never know the bible. I take comfort in knowing that you as a heather will never understand G'ds word! Because of this writing you will only bring Christians closer to G'd because we know the meaning's that you have outlined here in your writings and to know you are clues only means it works!!!

    How amazing is G'd to have you write these things with no understanding it truly amazes me even today. I think you for this writing and I will add you to my prayers, that G'd will show you mercy and grant you some understanding to his word.

    Keep up the work, for you will inspire those that don't believe to keep on and those that do to insure there faith in Christ our Lord and Savior forever, Amen.

    I know, your still confused! But this message that I am writing wasn't for you sir.

  9. It amazes me how many people that don't believe in God feel the need to prove he doesn't exist. I also think it funny that people who don't believe in God have no problem with Buddhism, Hinduism or any of the other demon Gods. Why do people leave all other religions alone except the one involving the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? The one that all the others have counterfeit? All other Gods and religions are demon based and as long as they have you believing in something other than God or nothing at all - they are doing their job to deceive you. If you truly don't believe that God is real and think we are all stupid - so what?!?!?! If you were right and there wasn't a God then when we all die that would be the end. So why care so much that someone believes in God? It isn't hurting you to let them believe and leave them alone. Why make web sites and go on and on about it? Who are you trying to convince? You or us? Why be so hate filled for a group of people? Just let us believe what we believe. I have no problem with you believing what you believe. So don't be so hateful that I believe differently than you.

  10. This list is ridiculous. 1st off, you've taken a bunch of old testament stories, that are nothing but anecdotes and allegories anyways, and have claimed inconsistencies. Your quotes are out of context, and therefore cannot be viewed properely. I'll take the idea that you explore about the origin of something (i.e. David's census, sickness) coming either from Satan or from God, an apparent inconsistency when viewed out of context. However, that concept illustrates the way one action can be viewed as good by one group and bad by another, or something like a major sickness or tragedy can make a person realize they must take action to correct their life.
    The Bible is meant to be read in the larger theological and moral context, look at the bigger picture and bigger message. To claim that the Bible is just a "poorly written book from the Iron Ages," further advances your ignorance and lack of appreciation for what is one for the greatest pieces of literature produced by man. No other book contains so many themes and concepts that strike at the heart of what it really means to be human.
    Do yourself a favor and take this article down, it only makes you look silly.

  11. Complete garbage - if the passages you cited are read within their context, it's clear this entire post is misinformed and uneducated. Not a Bible scholar by any means - reading a little above and below each passage cited - the "inconsistencies" you claim become null

  12. Why must you tear down everything people believe in. I'm not asking you to convert to my faith or anything but why must you spend an obviously large amount of time and effort on trying to discredit what people believe in. I am not even going to say anything about the fact that these passages were all taken out of context, and do not truly mean the things you are applying them to. It is truly sad to me that you can't just sit back and evaluate the situation, and think that there is possibly more to this whole thing than i realize. I wouldn't expect somebody who hasn't studied the Bible to understand these passages for the y are very deep and not easy to understand. And i know you haven't studied the Bible because you can;t study the Bible from outside of faith. If you do this then as you said before you are studying a book in history. By the way talking about how many times it has been translated, It has only been translated twice if you would like to get a King James version. Even with this argument it is the most in tact article of reading we have from such a distant date.

  13. A good piece of research work. As Muslims we believe in all divine books, without this our faith is incomplete, however, we also believe that over the ages, except the Holy Quran, all other divine books have been modified / re-phrased at various places. That is why there are different editions all over the world. The Holy Quran was revealed in Arabic and it is the final word of Allah Almighty.

    Throughout the world one can find millions of Muslim males and females who know it by heart word by word, all thirty chapters. This is the miracle of the Quran. Allah Almighty Himself has taken the responsibility of its safety.

  14. I can't wait for someone to come up to me with this poorly put-together, out of context list that you made... Just so that I can negate and disprove every single one of these as "contradictions." I honestly don't think you did your research before posting this.

  15. To take Scriptures out of context and comparing them to other Scriptures (that were also taken out of context) is the easiest way to get yourself in trouble with someone who knows what they are talking about. I'm only going to pick one out and show you what I mean. This is the reason for the Bible to begin with so here we go.

    Adam was to die the day he ate the forbidden fruit. Gen.2:17.
    Adam lived 930 years. Gen.5:5.

    If you have ever read the Bible and understood that God deals with the spiritual side of things and not just the physical, you would know that this Scripture(Gen 2:17) is not talking about a physical death. It means that if you eat this fruit you will be disconnected(die) spiritually and then you have to make sacrifices to atone for your sins.

    What? Because he messed up we have to pay for his sins?

    No. How many times have we as humans gone against God and His commandments? If we were one of the first we would have sealed out fate in the garden a long time ago.

    So why give us the choice to begin with?

    Because God wants us to love Him and the only true love is given, not forced. If you want to believe in God and His plan, you have to want to.

    If you want to say that the Bible is nothing more than poorly written history, show me the original copy of any writing (not carved in stone) older than 1000 years. Most of the writings we have from hundreds/thousands of years ago were copied and translated and then copied again. So to say something is unreliable because it was copied is saying every piece of writing that has more than one copy is flawed.

    So before you go around telling people that you are right and they are wrong, check your facts and you logic. Because picking out segments of the Bible and claiming the whole thing is wrong is like taking a screw out of a machine and saying that the whole thing can't work because one screw doesn't match the one next to it.

    I got one for you regarding the carbon dating process. Carbon test something twice and give me the same date.

  16. Well, at least you read some of the bible, thats more the most atheists do. But if I took things out of context and paraphrased them so they could contradict other parts, I suppose I could make every book ever wrote look stupid. It's tries to find inconsistencies in the bible like these, that make me feel pity for the people who write them. If someone ever finds a REAL inconsistency in the bible, I doubt its going to be someone on a blog for atheists. (they wont though)

  17. haha! to bad you have no idea how to read the bible... then perhaps a conversation with you on your misreadings would do you some good but you lack the basic knowledge for that so i won't ^_^ i stopped after looking them up after the first five, seeing how wrong you were with just those. get a read bible, it helps when it's been translated by someone who reads hebrew and greek. silly atheist lol!!!

  18. Most of these verses have been taken out of context. I have not the time or the interest in correcting these, but I will say that any command made in Leviticus was meant to be a rule for the Levites or the priests.

  19. I don't mind an intelligent discussion with atheists, but this ain't that.

    For example, the first quotations from Genesis are based on an assumption that this is a chronological book. But I don't see why you think it is chronological. You don't say why.

    And #7 compares God's perfect creation to corruption clearly instigated by mankind. What kind of question is this that doesn't understand the difference? You call this an inconsistency?

    Let's have an Intelligent discussion about it.

  20. ??? John?
    Chronological in the beginning, specifically because each action is done in one "day". And then of course the bible trips up all over itself mixing up days and confusing things. That was easy, very easy.

    We're not a perfect creation and we instigated corruption. I don't understand why religions can't grasp such a thing, perfection doesn't exist in our world, none of us are perfect, god did not make a perfect thing if we are that thing.

    You don't mean intelligent discussion, you mean a farce. You want to argue with completely illogical terms and call that a discussion.

  21. How about you get your facts straight instead of basing your life on conjecture and the lack of reading comprehension? You are entitled to your opinion, just get it right.

  22. in regards to #3 - and GMNightmare's response about it -
    there is no inconsistency, and perhaps before you go on these long winded rants - you buy a dictionary and thesaurus and apply them to the scripture's you're going on about -
    Genesis 1:19 - as you quoted -
    "And God said, “Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky.”
    Can you - or anyone tell me - HOW this verse says the birds were created from water?
    It says they will fly in the sky - which birds have been known to do -
    the verse says the water will teem with living creatures - which - still - has NOTHING to do with birds being created from water - in fact - it has nothing to do with birds at all -
    maybe you don't know the definition of "teem" - so I'll help you -
    Dictionary.com defines teem as - "to abound or swarm; be prolific or fertile (usually fol. by with)." - so - nope - nothing about birds being created from water - in the context of the Bible verse- it means the waters will be full of life - hmmmm...could it mean sea life.....Fish, perhaps? what a concept, eh?

  23. I meant Genesis 1:20 to be quoted above - and referred to it as 1:19 -
    my bad - there's an inconsistency for ya - but I'm Human - and Forgiven =]

  24. Are you proving my point? Yes. I mean really. Did you think for 5 seconds?

    Let's cover this first, since you can't read. I never said that birds were created out of water. Nor did I say the bible did. Tada! Your whole statement is now nullified because you failed to read. But my statement was a little vague, so I'll reexplain to you the obvious inconsistency that everybody in the world sees except by those who take the bible as true.

    Now, let us take an actual quote:
    2:19 And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof." -King James Version

    Let us look here, so god formed every beast and fowl and then brought them to Adam right?

    Wrong. Well, at least Genesis 1:20-1:27 says. After all, man WAS MADE LAST! Furthermore, fowl were created first, and they weren't created at the same time as the beasts like the passage implies. Furthermore, the passage doesn't deal with fish now does it?
    This, is the SECOND page of the bible. RIGHT after the first page, and they couldn't even get the order right because they wanted to tell a story of how superior man was to every other living creature!

    But no no, really, there is no inconsistency! Surely, you have something that will make the magic work and everything flow together? Of course, that solution won't bring up their own inconsistencies as well right? Do, pray tell.

  25. ROCK ON GUYS!!!!!

    heaving dead cats has been ofmficially pwn3d

    i will pray 4 you

  26. GMNIghtmare -
    Nothing is proving your point - not even you -
    your post and my subsequent reply was in regards to #3 in the main content of this post - was it not - so maybe you should go back up and have a look at what #3 is claiming - or I'll just put it right here for you -
    #3. The birds were created out of the water. Gen.1:20.
    The birds were created out of the land. Gen.2:19.
    it looks like the author of this post is claiming that "the birds were created out of water" -
    do you actually read what you try to debate about - or are you always this mindless and ignorant?
    The rest of your post - from man was created last on - is just non-sense and I don't even know what point you're attempting to make there after - all living creatures were created - and then man - and then they were brought to man to be named - yes - and your point is what about that?
    You really should read and try to grasp what it is you are trying to refute -
    to refer to a specific instance in this post, then say you weren't talking about that - or didn't say that - when it's all right here in print - is not even amusingly pathetic - it's just sad.

  27. Regarding #10: God IS impartial, all things being equal. But in the case of Cain and Abel, things were not equal. One made and offering that was good and the other made an offering that was bad. Had Cain and Abel made good offerings, God would have been impartial. Had they both made bad offerings, he would have been impartial.

    Perhaps the person who posted the list was thrown off by the fact that Genesis never explains WHY Cain's offering was unacceptable. But the story doesn't require that explanation. The initial story about the offerings is just background info to set up the scene for Cain's anger and his subsequent murder of Cain.

    So, there is no contradiction in this. This is just one example of the weak argumentation in this post.

  28. #22: Greatness and meekness are contradictory? Someone can't be well-known and have integrity and honor, etc, yet be meek and self-effacing at the same time?

  29. #9: The Exodus verse is telling when the proper name of the Lord was first used. The verses in Genesis were written much later, by people already accustomed to using that name, and when writing Genesis they used the name that they knew, but the people they wrote about would not have known. Anachronistic writing style, maybe, but not contradictory. I could keeo going with answers like these, but this is ridiculous. I'm going to bed. I think with these 3 posts I have made my point sufficiently well over against GMNightmare, who claims that all these are most assuredly contradictions.

  30. [...] week ago I did a post called 50 Old Testament Inconsistencies. It was just something I thought might be a bit different to share with everyone. I didn’t [...]

  31. StumbledUpon this... doctrine or refuting based on verses taken out of contects/misunderstood is just decieving yourself. Read the whole Bible, it is an integrated message. Take it literally, but remember it has rhetorical devices used to explain different things. RESEARCH and pray for understanding.
    BTW, why Cains offering wasn't accepted, is explained in 1. John 3, his motives were wrong, his hearth was prone to jealousy and contempt.

  32. that's fine if you want to post something, but not of it's a lie.It's ok that you don't understand the bible, and you don't understand how it was written but you shuld ask someone next time instead of just posting a fake article

  33. This is why you just don't get it. All the inconsistencies above are, summaries. They don't go into depth. Quick, and easy, analysis and big arguments are supposed to form after.

    Tell me, what better way to make a quick sentence to mark this inconsistency? It takes me paragraphs just to explain why. There are others which are plainly dead on (most of them are the ones dealing with numbers), this isn't one of them.

    In this case, there is a separation. Why did god, make fish and birds at the same time? Indeed, that would be illogical as beasts should have come before birds.

    But in any case, "all living creatures were created - and then man - and then they were brought to man to be named" is not what Genesis 2:19 says. Genesis 2:19 says man was already there, and then god formed the beasts and the birds... and brought them to Adam. And this ISN'T a version issue, every single version has god creating the animals after he made Adam.

    And no, Design Dragon, you didn't refute anything. "I don’t even know what point you’re attempting to make there after - all living creatures were created - and then man - and then they were brought to man to be named - yes - and your point is what about that?" See? You completely ignored the whole thing, and the BSed you way to the conclusion that whatever I just said is wrong. I'm afraid it's the other way around, your bible clearly says your wrong, that birds and beasts were formed after man.

    Each piece of evidence you think you bring forth, you make another inconsistency. And it's the same, you'll ignore it again, and then think your refuting stuff. No, perhaps you'll deal with the whole spiritual death thing from more of my post? Or maybe old books with "tact"? How about facing the fact that Moses brings down two sets of commandments? The carbon-dating issue? Oh, yeah, clearly you magically refuted all those things somehow... huh, I never heard you talk about them.

    Giffmex, you don't understand what impartial means. Cain was a farmer. He brought what he could to offer, the pride of his work. So did Abel. God picked a FAVORITE gift. That's not impartial! Of course, god being impartial is a load of bull and refuted many times throughout the bible... god's favoritism is well known. Honestly, god can never be impartial if he claims that children are born with the sin of their forefathers! Think. Being impartial means that each child would be judged on their own sins. They would not be born with sin thus! The inconsistency just matched the first example found obviously, far many more.

    And for #9, congratulations Griffmex, you gave a good explanation, unfortunately, it is still an inconsistency. An explanation for why an inconsistency exists doesn't just make the inconsistency disappear magically, it's still there, just now it has a ... semi valid explanation to why it's there! You have now agreed, that the bible has an inconsistency because of how the writers wrote it, congratulations!

  34. your "annotated skeptic's bible" is poorly annotated, and i'd just like to point out that the vast majority of your "inconsistencies" are either not inconsistencies at all, or are easily disproven simply by, oh, i dunno, looking in the Torah?

    don't you have anything better to do than be an egotistical prick?

  35. For people who believe so much in scientific method and academic rigour, you guys do not give the bible that much serious research, you look for the most poorly translated editions and exploit its inconsistencies, and you choose "contradictions' in wordings not in the actual subject matter. Frankly these are the weakest and most pathetic attempts to disprove the bible i have ever seen.

  36. I hate it when atheists lie about the verses and what they contain to make it seem like their point of view is right.

  37. Clearly out of context and misleading.

  38. This makes atheists look ignorant - at least on issues concerning the Bible.
    Perhaps this should be considered for removal?

  39. I am not an atheist but I don't believe in the God of the church or the bible. I think its insane to ever take the bible literally as it was written during a very different time. It really starts getting shaky when you get into the end of days crap most of which is interpreted way differently than it should be.

    All that being said I have studied the bible a lot. I was a christian for a long time before I gave it up and thats why I know that there definetly are contridictions in the bible. Pretty much the whole new testament vs old is a contridiction. the god of love who hates, the god of peace that makes war,

    but hey if people want to believe in the bible I say more power to you. Personally I prefer to believe in a God of love who doesn't exclude

  40. Moses was great. Ex.11:3.
    Moses was meek. Numbers 12:3.

    Not mutually exclusive.

  41. Tell me all your thoughts on God 'cuz I'd really love to meet her.

  42. GMNightmare, you're so awesome. I've greatly enjoyed your comments. I think... I think I love you! :D If you ever want to submit a blog article for us, I'd be honored to post it.

    I also really enjoyed the typical hateful christian responses, once again proving that christians fundies are the farthest thing from what Christ-like is supposed to be. You give all christians a bad name with your hateful twisted failed attempts at logic.

  43. I don't know... if I were any sort of self-respecting Christian, and I stumbled upon this site, I know what would happen. I would spend time studying and praying over these inconsistencies, and either I would find an answer for each one or I wouldn't; either my faith would be strengthened or it would be weakened. Either way, my point is that if you truly have faith in something you should never be afraid to question it. That's just being blind. My reaction would be a deep, personal meditation on the subject.

    I can tell you what my reaction would not be. It would not be lashing out ultra-defensively in hate and retaliation. I think that I'm mature enough to realize that such negativity would not help the situation. I'd ask you all to consider the way that such behavior comes across to a non-believer (such as myself). Because to me, it appears that this article has struck a nerve with you and that you are reacting to it with hateful, fearful, nasty comments when you could simply have navigated to another page. Congratulations, however. If your goal was to re-assure a non-believer that the only effect that religious zeal has on people is to reduce them to angry babbling half-wits, you have succeeded. Good day.

  44. As a Christian, I have to say I am embarrassed by the way the Fundamentalist Right treats people who don't agree with their own view. I've been reading the comments over the past few days and I have to agree with Neece on this one, it is hateful and definitely not Christ-like.

    Now, my two bits about the Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 accounts of creation. I personally don't think that either story was meant to be taken literally. Do I believe that God could create the world in six days? Yes. Do I think that is how it really happened? Scientific evidence seems to dispute it. I think the creation account was passed down from generation to generation in a way that early humans could understand. A day is much easier to understand that a eon, epoch, or millennium.

    The contradiction between stories of creation between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 are a result of the fact that Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 were written/redacted by two different individuals/groups of people and are probably two different accounts of creation because they are trying to highlight different events. Gasp! In fact, the Torah/Pentateuch has four distinct authors/redactors.

  45. Chris, you stated it PERFECTLY. Thank you. You officially rock. :)

  46. Craig, thank you for your comment. Thanks for showing everyone that a pleasant disagreeing point of view can come from a Christian.
    While you and I don't agree, we certainly could sit down and discuss the issues. We'd never see it the same way, but it would be fun and we'd both probably learn something, if we let ourselves.
    For instance, I do agree with you that Genesis was written by more than one author. See how easy that was? And it didn't even hurt to be nice at all! :P
    Thanks again for showing us that not all Christians are rabid, babbling half-wits full of hate and vitriol. :)

  47. Whether Christian or not, academically, this is not properly researched.
    Of course you don't argue the finer points of the Bible, in fact you've taken it completely out of context. A word of warning to anyone who may come across this, logically, this work is incorrect. Read the passages for yourselves, the whole chapter, and you'll understand what is going on in the context. Use the NIV, it is a trusted translation.
    Finding an inconsistency in the Bible is, from both a religious and academic point of view, not possible.
    Thanks for your time.

  48. Definitely written by someone who has not actually studied the Bible and does not understand it at all.

  49. Do you know how many have tried to debunk the Bible over the thousands of years it has been around? MANY. How many have succeeded? NONE. Nor archeological, nor geological nor historical researches have been able to. This is obviously a poor attempt.

  50. Momma, probably somebody who understands it better than you. In fact, I guarantee it, you probably haven't read it yet... especially since you didn't even take the time to say WHY you think it was written by somebody who hasn't studied the bible.

    As for you Alex, who are you to say what's not properly researched? And no, again, I'll say it bloody again, none of it is out of context. Quit with your BS claims that every time somebody comes around with a contradiction all you say is, "Oh, it must have been taken out of context!" No. How about you prove it? What was taken out of context? And what finer points? You mean the rape? Murder? Oh, you must mean the actual good aspects, the 1/1000 where something benevolent happens in the bible. Why argue with those? We are not here to argue with what your faith has best to offer, were here to argue against your ugly side... you know, the part where your religion wages wars in god's name. We wage war over the fact that you follow a completely BS book literally instead of bloody thinking for one second for yourself.

    And seriously, can you back up your words? Not possible? It's been proven possible! It is completely possible! The bible is littered with inconsistencies, the evidence is, lol, right above you. Your faced with a list of inconsistencies that you haven't disproven, therefore, you have no right to say something like that.

    And, ben bible has been debunked constantly, for thousands of years. And people have been winning from the beginning with the biggest inconsistency:
    "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able, and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God."
    Epicurus 33 A.D.

    The bible has been debunked for thousands of years.

    Craig and Chris are the religious ones that I can live with. Nicely put.

    Oh, by the way, for the Moses is great yet meek, it going on character. Didn't I already say the statements are mainly placeholders and you actually have to look at it to see the contradiction? Seems many people can't do what they are complaining about that the author supposedly did.. Moses acts completely out of character in Numbers 12, completely. It was like it wasn't Moses. I would explain more, but I've got to leave at this moment, chow.

  51. Keep in mind aithiests, Jesus Christ did not write the Bible. Mortals did, and everyone knows that we mortals are blind to the truth, thats why most of us worship Jesus. He is all seeing.

  52. IRON AGE!? I suppose you must be talking about the New Testament, because the Old Testament was written by even MORE ignorant BRONZE AGE (or was it copper?) nomads.

  53. Healyhatman, thanks for clarifying. That's definitely true. I was thinking Iron Age for some reason, but yeah, the OT is much older than that.

  54. To the Skeptic's Bible, I say: If you're going to accuse people of believing illogical things, you should show at least a little care for the use of logic yourself. A common format of the stories of the Bible (and one that is used in many other similar texts) is to summarize a story and then go back and relate details. It is so patent that it is laughable to not see the pattern. This eliminates 90% of the what-happened-first "inconsistencies".
    Then there are the ones noted above where "contradicting" statements are made widely separated in time, when there are intervening passages that note that the conditions they were describing had *changed*, and these are conveniently not mentioned.
    #17 God is recorded using "Jacob" and "Israel" purposely in the same verse many times in the Bible, the names were used to describe him or his descendants in their earthly-focused vs. heavenly-focused states. #18 it was at least 200 years between Dan's son and the first census. Often the patriarchs had 11 or 12 sons. Even if Dan's descendants had 10 sons each generation, it would only take 5 generations to get to 100,000. Extraordinary, but far from impossible.
    #19 it explicitly says the Hebrews' livestock were spared. Do you think the Egyptians wouldn't replenish their livestock from that of their slaves?

    And on, and on.

    The "argument from evil" assumes that it is wrong for the Creator to create evil, as teh Psalmist quotes, "I am good, and I create evil". The whole point is that being limitless, nothing is wrong for the Creator (illustrated by the quote "How can the clay say to the potter, why have you made me this way?").
    The reason that evil was created was to give the created beings a choice--the choice to reject their Creator, or not. We're created to love, and if there is no ability to choose one way or another, you can't call it love. If one is *paying attention*, one can see that from that point, according to the Bible, most evil comes from people who choose that way, even though often the Creator takes the credit/blame for it. The only times that evil comes from the Creator *directly* are the times when the evil that comes from people is so overwhelming as to threaten the ability of the undecided to choose, including cases where individuals closest to the small early phases of the re-revelation of knowledge of the Creator threatened to snuff it out. Then a demonstration of power, usually partially concealed so as not to force anyone to believe, would come about to balance the strength of the choices influencing the people's minds.

    Though it is frequently intimated before, the final proof that the Creator has a benevolent purpose for the ultimate end, is that He was willing to come to the earth Himself and suffer as one of us all of the consequences of the evil wrought in the world, and suffer them more acutely than any of us.
    And after that suffering, He gave the guarantee that if we choose to follow His example for the limited, human form in doing only good and not evil, no matter how much it might endanger us, then insofar as we commit to that we will have access to His unlimited power for good and not evil in whatever ways will not contravene the ability of others to choose. Furthermore, that same guarantee promises that once all have chosen and the events of history completely vindicate Him in all of our eyes, He will completely remove all evil, repaying for it all so completely as to make it as though it never existed, and allow us to enjoy the good with Him forever.

  55. More to the point: p0wned

  56. All of these people that are getting so angry and defensive about god are missing the point. The point of this web page isn't to prove that god isn't real. The point is to prove that god didn't write the bible. People wrote the bible. Once mankind can grasp this truth, the world will be a much better place. The contradictions, errors and ridiculous passages prove that men who couldn't grasp logic, couldn't understand the real world (hence the need to explain it through magic and folk-tales), and had a very skewed sense of morality (hence stoning to death rebellious children, and forbidding eating shellfish) wrote the bible.

    Do you people honestly believe that a perfect being that has everything, can do anything and only seeks justice and peace would describe itself as "jealous", "angry", and would seek "vengeance"? NO. Would the being described above have petty human biases(homosexuality) and stupid rules (can't wear clothes made out of two fabrics)? Those are petty human biases. The god of the bible is so human-like in temperament and personality because humans wrote the damn bible!

    Ask yourself. Did god create humans or did humans create god? Reading the bible once should be able to make you answer the question correctly. It's probably scary for some people to think about, but it's important to realize that the bible is flawed. Humans are flawed. The only thing on earth that matters are our human brothers and sisters. Religion teaches people that it's not what you do in life that matters, but it's what you believe in that matters. That's wrong and everyone should understand that.

  57. Thanks, Mike, that really sums it up nicely. :)

  58. Thank you! I hope you aren't being sarcastic...

  59. No, Mike I really meant it. :) I agreed with what you said. :)

  60. as some commentators before said, most of these are out of context, the timeline is confused, or things are read out of context. i've read parts of the skeptics bible online and i find most of it to be poking for any little flaw.
    for instance there was a reference to a sinful king, the point to the story was that the king was sinful. and the sidenotes pointed out that he was sinning and therefore the bible was wrong.

    and by the way, unless you can read ancient hebrew and that's where you're getting your sources, alot of these things are from mistranslations

  61. Sorry but no, again, none of them are out of context. Ah, and the time line is confused in the bible, that's the point, because the bible is one screwed up book. And heh, I guess you didn't read the other comments, because your fellow theists failed at claiming "mistranslations" with Hebrew. But your ignorant anyways, a "HOLY" book wouldn't ever be mistranslated, and everybody always takes it word for word anyways. I don't see you claiming for ancient Hebrew text whenever the books supports whichever twisted view you wish to have...

    Oh, btw, I would need the exact example if you wish to argue the validity of something. Really, you don't accept vague notions yet you give them and expect them to stand? Double standards? Well, I guess I really wouldn't expect anything more from you.

  62. #14 says genesis. i looked it up and found talk of moses, not noah. also, # 4 is that plants were created, man was created, and then plants sprouted. there isn't inconsistency in that and i'm atheist. i'd read more of them but the first 14 were just bad and rely on not reading the source. no wonder people are so misconstrued about god and jesus.

  63. my mistake on #14. what i mean to say is that there is no inconsistency either: moses enters the boat on the same day as the flood, and then the flood happens. the verses never state the flood occurs first it just says they happened on the same day.

  64. Some alleged Bible errors stand up better than others, and this list is pretty mixed in quality. If you sift through it, you'll find some claims of error that are easily answered and others that aren't, but it only takes one error to undermine the doctrine of biblical inerrancy.

  65. Thanks, Errancy. I see it this way. This is supposed to be a holy book inspired by the invisible man in the sky. So there shouldn't be a single contradiction. Oh, and the science should be flawless as well. The morals should be impeccable too, while we're at it. :P

  66. God certainly can destroy evil, but then he must take away our free will also, something he wont do.

    to the author:
    7. God was pleased with his creation. Gen.1:31.
    God was not pleased with his creation. Gen.6:6.

    God was pleased, but then we messed up and he wasnt pleased anymore, its that easy.

  67. The bible tells us that every man is born evil, not just unbelievers, and it tells us that we have to be born again to be saved from eternal damnation.
    And i dont get it? why does so many people think that the bible has to be this warm, fuzzy and cozy book? Its about the human-history and our relationship with God! Of course its full of violence and things consider bad! It also contain the solution to save our eternal souls, the soul is eternal and cant die, that is why we have to choose where to spend it. I hope you choose life :)

  68. Why are you putting words in others mouth? And giving them characters? To suit your own needs?? man your ignorant.

    And Buddism dosent have a God? maybe, but its recognised as a religion, so your point is totally useless, now whos the moron?

  69. This is why there should be a driver-license for making commentaries, gmnightmare

  70. ??? This is rather old, but I'll give it a good shot.

    Rather out of the book answer isn't that?

    1. God is all good.
    2. God is all powerful, so he can do whatever he likes.
    C1. Therefore God will stop evil.
    3. There is much evil in the world.
    C2. Therefore God has not stopped evil.
    C3. Therefore an all good, all powerful God does not exist.

    There is no continuation. If free will is taken away once evil is destroyed, it thusly means that free will is evil and should be abolished. It's a sheep's argument anyways, nobody has perfect free will. Can I fly? No. Therefore, I do not have the free will to fly. There are always constraints on such a silly thing as "free will", even if such a paradoxical system exists. Angels don't have free will, they seem to be getting along fine. Satan doesn't even have free will, god made satan strictly evil.

    "God was pleased, but then we messed up and he wasnt pleased anymore, its that easy."
    You thusly saying god is not omnipotent, he couldn't even foresee that his creation would mess up not even a small time constraint later. That easy huh? No, it isn't. Again, every single defense your small incapable mind thinks up will dig your grave deeper and deeper.

  71. "The bible tells us this... and tells us this... and tells us this..."
    Yeah, your a sheep alright. If every man is born evil then god condemns every newborn that dies minutes after birth. They didn't even get to think about being saved. Just sent to torture forever. Hmm, grand god really.

    Contains the solution? Daft boy, no it doesn't. Any claim you'd like to make, is quickly countered by another claiming your going to hell no matter what. god just doesn't seem to make up his mind, on whether you get to be saved or not. Slip up once in the bible, hell bound soul for eternity. The bible is full of fear mongering, it gives a bunch of examples where if people don't follow god without question, they get murdered and sent to hell. god kills and chooses whose saved on a whim according to the bible as a whole, and not any single quote you'd like to say that you just have to believe.

    Murder, rape, kill all you want, all you have to do is believe! You'll go to heaven! god will forgive you for killing millions, hell, he did it to Hitler! Hitler believed! Hitler even believed he was doing god's work, did it unquestioningly. You bible, says Hitler gets in according to those one liners.

    Who are you to claim you know god anyways? Who are you to claim that god wrote that book? You seem to know an awful lot about a fellow that's impossible to know since you MUST take him on faith (if you know, your doing something wrong according to the bible).

  72. Words in others mouths? Giving them characters?
    Would you like to elaborate? No? You have no elaboration, possibly no reading comprehension either. Didn't you even read the above? No? Of course not. Would you like to tackle any of the points I made? No, that would be hard wouldn't it be.

    "now whos the moron?"
    You. And I quote from S.E.:
    "who don’t believe in [g]od have no problem with BUDDHISM, Hinduism or any of the OTHER DEMON GODS."
    Yes, S.E. literally thinks Buddhism has a god. That's the point, way to catch on.

  73. Hmm? Would you like to argue the passage at all? No? I didn't think so, go away troll.

  74. Yeah, sorry, torgeir, your arguments are not logical.
    Your god is not omnipotent (too many old testament passages to quote), not omnipresent (he is only ever in the Fertile Crescent), not omniscient (if he knows all, then why didn't he know we'd screw up? If he knew we were going to eat the apple, he wouldn't have been pleased with our creation in the first place.)
    Read your bible instead of just taking your pastor's word for it and relying on faith. Of course, if you really do read your bible, you'll end up an atheist like me. :P

  75. Exactly, GMN. I was going to reply to this comment myself, but said exactly what I would have. Thanks! :D

  76. I've read your other comments. You might want to watch out about calling other people ignorant.

  77. I'm not going to argue with you about the validity of your claims or your logic in coming to your conclusions. I'm not a blind follower. I've researched like you have. I respect your request for proof when somebody rebuts your claims. I also ask that you do the same thing.

    "For your claim of 18, would you like to back up your statement? How about some proof for your claims? How do you know how long it was between the two references? Furthermore, you are completely wrong 11-12 sons statement. Life expectancy was incredibly low, many did not live to see puberty, and quite frankly..."

    If Bill needs to back his statement up, I'd like to see a reference for yours as well.

    And my last statement...

    If you want to have a logical debate about it, argue logically, not with fallacies. My favorite is your use of Ad Hominem when you attack the person who offers valid rebuttals to your claims.

    "“The bible tells us this… and tells us this… and tells us this…”
    Yeah, your a sheep alright."

    Argue with evidence and facts. So we disagree... discuss with respect.

    I can't defend the things done in the name of Christianity, because those things many times do conflict directly with the Bible. I believe in a God who loves you whether you love Him or not. He gave you the free will to reject him and to have this argument. If God doesn't exist, and if you really believe that, why have this argument in the first place?

  78. Hmm... some old stuff but whatever.

    "In biblical times life expectancy was about 20 years. This figure was dragged down by an extremely high rate of infant and child mortality. A woman (and remember womanhood started with puberty) had to go through five pregnancies just to keep the population level stable. Back then all endeavors were labor intensive, and the primary source of labor was children, most families being too poor to depend on slave labor."

    Look, anybody with an ounce of history knowledge knows that child mortality rates are very high when going over 100 years back. Just 300 years ago child mortality rates are near 27% for children under 10. Take a look at underdeveloped countries life expectancy and child mortality rates. The evidence, is bloody everywhere. It's insurmountable amount. Just try to find low mortality rates in history and underdeveloped countries.

    Next, there was very little Ad Hominem. Quoting once doesn't make it rampant, but I did happen to back it completely up. Do you have more than one name? What was your last statement? Are you Torgeir? I assume so.

    There is a lot of evidence and facts there, and you did very little to refute them. You still aren't. Would you like to take a stab? I believe you said no, so I don't see why you're even bothering to post.

    As for the last bit... I think you'll find that the happy nice parts are the parts that heavily conflict with the Bible many times.

    "I believe in a God who loves you whether you love Him or not."
    Then you don't believe in the Christian god.
    * Psalm 5:5, "The boastful shall not stand before Thine eyes; Thou dost hate all who do iniquity,"
    * Psalm 11:5, "The Lord tests the righteous and the wicked, and the one who loves violence His soul hates."
    * Lev. 20:23, "Moreover, you shall not follow the customs of the nation which I shall drive out before you, for they did all these things, and therefore I have abhorred them."
    * Prov. 6:16-19, "There are six things which the Lord hates, yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: 17 Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 A heart that devises wicked plans, feet that run rapidly to evil, 19 A false witness who utters lies, and one who spreads strife among brothers."
    * Hosea 9:15, "All their evil is at Gilgal; indeed, I came to hate them there! Because of the wickedness of their deeds I will drive them out of My house! I will love them no more; All their princes are rebels."

    Free will? Nay, god didn't give free will. If god knew the outcome of my life before he made me, then he made me to do exactly what he knew I would do. That's not free will. Furthermore, free will isn't free will when you have a loaded gun(hell) pointed to somebodies head.

    And for somebody who does a lot of "research", you certainly don't know a lot.
    "If God doesn’t exist, and if you really believe that, why have this argument in the first place?"

  79. To "dispel ignorance", it is a good idea to begin with oneself.

  80. Making witty one liners is utterly useless and completely arbitrary.

    Back up what you say. By the way, using a quick find, ignorance is not said once on this page except by you, so I don't see why your quoting it.

    No, ignorance is when you come across a page of information, then 83 other comments, and them make a BS one liner that is irrelevant without any backup to it at all and thinking it's a good comment.

  81. Why are you scared to this kind of critique for the Holy Quran?

  82. I'm glad that someone said earlier the true mission of this entry. True I am an Atheist, I won't take this time to trample all over anyone beliefs or lack thereof. However, I will say that it is funny that the religious commentators are saying that the Bible is written by man and full of faults, but are still quoting passages. Doesn't make sense to me.

    Oh, and what about the religions that are older than this one?

  83. Who's scared of giving such critique? You've come to an article explicitly giving critique to the Bible, there are others doing such to the Quran.

    Possibly, because America really isn't an area predominated by Muslim thought. Just dealing with the biggest problem.

  84. They think the passages they quote are the ones without fault... and it's just everything they don't like that's all faulted by man.

  85. I have visited your website before. The more I read, the more I keep coming back! ;-)