Skeptics Can Be Funny Too

tim-minchinTim Minchin is an Australian singer, pianist, comedian and writer. I first saw him on Graham Norton. He has a .. shall we say.. distinctive look that frankly set me back a bit. But he won me over quickly. He was on the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe (episode 184) because he's also an atheist and a skeptic. I had forgotten his name but his act is quite memorable so I was delighted to learn more about him. There isn't much on youtube of him. On the SGU he was talking about a 9 minute piece of beat poetry but I can't find it anywhere. If you know where to find it, let me know! Tim has his own site at

If You Open Your Mind Too Much...
This is good stuff about skepticism and atheism.

Peace Anthem For Palestine
While this may seem silly on the surface, if you think about it, he's actually saying something quite profound. Or maybe I just read into it too much.

10 Foot Cock & A Few Hundred Virgins
A nice anti-religion song.

EDIT: Storm
Here's the 9 and a half minute beat poetry that is just brilliant and funny. Audio with text. (Thanks to Charles)


  1. Charles HollingsheadFebruary 13, 2009 at 6:20 AM

    Oops ...
    Here it is.

  2. Charles HollingsheadFebruary 13, 2009 at 6:20 AM

    Here is the Beat poem, Storm. No video but you can read along with the lyrics.

  3. You are awesome! Thank you so much, Charles! :D

  4. Love those videos! I am an atheist myself and I laughed myself silly. :) Thanks!

  5. Hi Kate! Yeah, Tim Minchin is awesome. I'm glad you had a good laugh. :D