Too Sick To Be Clever - Lolcat, save me!

I have a bad cold. I've been sick for a week and I don't feel like I'm that much better. Now I've lost my voice (my husband doesn't seem upset by that for some reason.. LOL). And to make matters worse, I am just really tired and can't think of anything clever for you. Don't worry. I'll think of something soon. But just so you don't feel forgotten or neglected, Lolcat is filling in for me.

"Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings."  I love this bus slogan. It's brilliant. This is my favorite so far.

science flies you to the moon!

"That's right sweetheart; dreams and goals are satan's way of distracting you from making dinner." My comments all involve swearing so I'll just let it stand as is. :P

Satan Is So Distracting

oh JESUS! This is just too freaking much, this cake. I had to show it to you.

baby jesus cake

Happiness is submission to GodZILLA! LOL!

Happiness is submission to GodZILLA!

This is my favorite Russell's Teapot. Get the drano!

Russell's Teapot

Ceiling Cat guides the hand of man to write LOLbible.

ceiling cat and lolbible

Satan Cat: He's going to kill you and your family once he gets outta there. LOL!

satan cat


  1. The 'baby' on the cake looks like a severed thumb. Satan Cat probably ripped it off. :)

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  3. sorry to hear you're ill,neece ,....have you tried prayer?

    sorry for that bad joke,too,but i do offer to help when able.....although i (and scientific medicine) cannot do much for viral respiratory illnesses,i certainly would offer 'free advice' on medical me if questions anytime you can't easily converse with your family doctor .....or just want some 'free advice'......the bus ads campaign in England is fantastic.....if possible our local group wants to copy the US Humanists' billboard message "Don't Believe in Gods?" (background sky,clouds) "You're Not Alone!"

  4. I know, right? Too horrible for words... I just have to laugh. But really, it's so pathetic.

  5. HA! I totally agree, Karen. It took me ages to realize that was supposed to be the baby jeebus. I kept thinking it looked like a severed thumb too! LOLZ! Satan Cat.. he's so grumpy, he probably did rip it off! LOL!!! ROFL!

  6. Thanks Rev Tim. I'll put you on my speed dial. :D Let's talk about that billboard idea. I can design it for you. We'd have to see about copyright issues, or permission, too.

  7. hmmm... I thought it looked more like a severed penis and wondered if it belonged to the "birthday boy".

  8. LOL! Right! This was back when they still hadn't nailed the whole circumcision thing. Sometimes they bit the whole penis off! (That's how moils do it, you know, they bite the foreskin off. How gross is THAT?!) So yeah, maybe Jesus lost his penis in a freak circumcision accident? No wonder he was so grumpy, condemning people to burn in hell all the time. LOL!