Where Can I Buy Some Creedocide?

Butch and I were watching a new show called Important Things with Demetri Martin a little while ago. Demetri started on The Daily Show but I guess they saw how amazing this kid is, and now he has his own show. He's amazing! He can play multiple instruments at once (something I could never do), and he's ambidextrous... at the same time! So he can draw with both hands simultaneously! To me that's just amazing.

Anyway, While that's all clever and interesting, the show is quite funny. But this evening (which was actually on this past Wednesday but we just watched it on our DVR) the show took a turn to sheer freaking brilliance. He did a sketch called Power - Creedocide.

I did  a search on it to see if I could get the video for you. Apparently everyone has already gotten it up on their blogs. Sorry for being late to the game, as usual. Anyway, I'm posting it here because if for some reason you live under a bigger rock than I do, and you haven't seen it yet, watch it. It's 1:49 long and it's very funny.

EDIT: Damnit. I can't seem to get this stupid video to embed correctly. I'll keep trying. But you can see the video here: Creedocide

EDIT 15 minutes later: Ok, I officially give up. It's not me, it's comedy central that is the problem. Ok, maybe it's me. Anyway, you can click the link and watch the video. :P

EDIT 5 minutes later: I'm trying again. Wish me luck!

EDIT: 2 more minutes later: Yay! I'm a freaking genius! LOL! :D


  1. LOL! As someone who evidently lives under a bigger rock than you do, I appreciate your posting that. That's awesome! Ha!

  2. Hee hee... good stuff, Buffy! Woot! :D