Three Videos To Make You Smile and Think

Evolution Shmevolution! (3:38 min)

Edward Current talks about how silly evolution is. I like how few books are in his library. That's a nice touch. And how god gave christians shovels so that the deeper they dig, the more they have their faith tested. :P Subtle and funny.

Fallacies Aren't Sexy. (5:23 min)

Laci goes through 10 common fallacies to avoid.

Be Open-Minded, just not so open-minded that your brain falls out! (9:40 min)

This is a good video about critical thinking versus believing just about anything that comes into your head. I found this on youtube, then found it again on Infidelicacy. Oooh, it was meant to be! It's Divine Intervention! Or maybe it's just a good video that like minded people enjoy? Yeah, that's probably more like it. :P

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