Why christians Fight To Stay Alive

Last month I wrote about a study regarding cancer treatment for the religious. It found that deeply religious people went to great lengths just to stay alive, even if it reduced the quality of your remaining life. It's incredibly weird. Shouldn't they be eager to end their suffering and move on to heaven? Well, luckily for me (and for you), Edward Current has the answers we're looking for. He did a video (3:17) explaining the results of the study. It's good stuff:

When I saw the above video, I found an older one that went along with it. It's about 3 minutes long, too:

So that's THAT! Now we can all sleep better at night knowing why christians cling to life and yet are unafraid of death, and the pope rides in the pope mobile. Ya gotta love LOGIC! LOL!


  1. I love Edward Current. As to the pope and his pope-mobile, there's a humorous graphic that says it best. "Your god is pretend, the bullets are real".

  2. Edward Current is pretty funny, and sometimes we all need a good laugh about this stuff.
    I've posted that pope mobile picture on here before, some time ago. It's a good one. :D