You've Got To See This

As you may have figured out, I live under a rock. I seem to get to every party late, and not just fashionably by a few minutes. No. I'm always late. For example, I have yet to read Dawkins or Hitchens. I became an atheist before they were even writing about such things, at least before buying a book about atheism was an "in thing". I'm reading Carl Sagan for the first time now, and also my first "atheist" book as well: Atheist Universe (see the sidebar, bottom left for my list of books and movies).

I never watch the "in" shows on TV. I watch a few things, but not many, and they aren't typical, especially for a 40 year old woman, I don't think. I won't bore you with a list.

What I'm getting at is Mr. Deity. I saw an episode ages ago and thought it was funny, but I never came upon another episode, so I forgot about it. Well! I'm catching up now, and it's BRILLIANT! I love satirical stuff that makes me laugh. Mr. Deity does just that.

If you know your bible you'll find it hilarious. I had to watch about 4 episodes (from the beginning) to figure out that Larry is the "holy ghost". Man, he has it bad. He's always doing all the work for Mr. Deity. Anyway, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these. I was told to watch them from the beginning so I'm going to put the first two here for you. But afterwards, you can see them all here at Mr. Deity's home on YouTube. The third season just started! So I'll put episode 1 below too. Enjoy!

Season 1, Episode 1: Mr. Deity and the Evil

Episode 2: Mr. Deity and the Really Big Favor

!NOTE: Season Two is available on

NEW! Season 3: Episode 1: Mr. Deity and the Virgin


  1. Another really good show that I found on YouTube is called "God, Inc." It's basically like the Office, but instead of a paper company, it heaven. It's pretty funny, and does good job of highlighting most of the absurdities of religion. It's good, although it does have a pretty different feel to it than "Mr. Deity."

  2. I as well have never read an atheist book. I don't really see much of the point. I have read a lot of individual writings and such, but never a book.

    As for the videos, they are quite funny. I recommend "God, Inc" too, I haven't seen it for awhile, but I seem to remember it being good.

  3. Mr. Deity cracks me up! I heard of it over on Pharyngula.