Groovecat Joins The A-Team

groovecatYou may have noticed that we have a new author here at HDC. His name is Groovecat and he recently wrote Religion and Sexual Predators for us. I asked him to tell us a little about himself and here is what he had to say:
Born and raised Roman Catholic. Had issues with it early on. Asked one too many times “but who made god?” in catechism and spent a lot of time with my nose pushed against a spot on the black-board that the good sisters used as punishment for asking too many questions. Favorite childhood story is “the Emperor has no clothes”.

Jack of all trades by vocation, musician by avocation. Chaser of women, catcher of few. Hedonistically free. Could lose a few pounds, but hey, who couldn’t, huh? Enjoys his martinis, John Steinbeck novels and the salmon-goat cheese pizza at Tapestry in Los Gatos ( available only in the summer from the out-door wood-fired pizza oven, by request). Favorite movie? Aliens with Sigourney Weaver. A classic story of man vs. nature, along with a kick to the status quo of the time by making the hero a woman.

Hired gun and musical mercenary. Spends his free time sleeping, eating, breathing and watching t.v.

Deconversion story to follow.

The A(theist)-Team is growing! There's me, you're Incorrigible Ring Leader with a Heart of Gold, Johnny the Erudite Superhero, and now the  Intrepid Groovecat.


  1. Hey, you counting me out? Now I know I write articles sparsely and few in between...

    Well actually, that does seem like a good reason to count me out. Maybe I should make more...

  2. Of course you're still in, GMN. Who could discount you? I think you only wrote one article though. I basically only included people who seemed active in their contributions. So get writing! Just be easy on the ad hominems! LOL :D

  3. thanx, Johnny! me, i'm just happy to be here.