2010 Mythicist Prize

atheist cat finds your prayers cute but futileSo, my clever friends, here's an interesting contest. You could win $1,000 for writing an essay about the origins of christianity as well as the fact that jesus never existed. Anyone interested? Let us know if you are so we can pray for you I mean so we can cheer you on. LOL

I know some of you are quite knowledgeable on this subject. Anything you'd like to share with us along your way would be greatly appreciated, too. We love to learn here at HDC.

Here's the deal:

Announcing the 2010 Mythicist Prize

The Mythicists' Forum, a consortium of New Testament scholars, together with American Atheists, Inc., have the pleasure to announce the 2010 Mythicist Prize.


The sum of $1,000 (U.S.) will be awarded to the author of a submitted essay which, in the opinion of the judges, sheds light on the origins of Christianity and, at the same time, supports the proposition that Jesus of Nazareth did not exist.


Anyone is eligible to submit an essay. The prizewinning contribution will be published in 2010, along with submissions of distinction which merit an Honorable Mention. The publisher will be announced at the time of the award.


Contestants are limited to one essay each. Three copies of the work should be mailed in one package to: 2010 Mythicist Prize 396 E. 29th Ave., & Eugene, OR 97405 U.S.A.


From the U.S.A.: Dec. 1, 2009. & From other countries: Dec. 15, 2009.


Essays must be written in one of the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.


René Salm, Robert M. Price, Frank R. Zindler, Earl Doherty. The decision of the judges is final. The prizewinner will be announced at the 2010 American Atheist National Convention. (Note: If no submission is deemed worthy of receiving the Mythicist Prize, then the prize will not be awarded.)


Essays must be 30–100 pages in length and double-spaced. Submissions should preferably be printed (or typed) on both sides of the paper. Footnotes or endnotes are permissible and a bibliography is required. Pages are to be numbered, with the author's name and the title of the essay on each page. Also, the author's name, address, as well as e-mail address should appear on the first or cover page. Submissions via email and digital files on computer disk are not permitted, but contributors should be prepared to supply a digital copy of their essay if requested.

For further information, please write to "2010 Mythicist Prize" at the address above, or email Mr. René Salm at rjs@epud.net. "



Mythicists' Forum



  1. Sounds interesting, but that's a bloody big paper...

    But then again, their is a lot of BS to refute... so...

    Since it's done by New Testament "scholars" I bet it's either going to actually have to agree that Jesus existed after 30 pages of trying, or the only real chance is to just argue the one in the Bible isn't literally true but one may have still existed.

    Maybe, maybe...

  2. No, it says that you should support the premise that jesus did NOT exist. At least that's what it says, doesn't it?

  3. Yeah, that's what is says, but...

    I was just really taking a stab at the new testament "scholars" part, I believe I assumed the judges were as such. In actuality, the thing says that the Mythicist forum is a bunch of new testament scholars...

    So yeah, it was just a mistaken stab based upon my lack of comprehension. I must have skimmed it too much.