Logical Fallacy Land 2: A Treat For You!

I have a treat for you. Last week I posted a horrid creationism video by John Morris Pendleton and suggested that we practice pointing out logical fallacies by refuting the lies and nonsense he was spewing forth. Not many people commented, and honestly I don't blame you because I could barely handle watching the video myself, never mind muddle through it point by point.

Still, I think there's validity to refuting such arguments as practice. According to a recent Gallup poll, only 39% of Americans say they believe in the theory of evolution, while 1/4 say they do not believe in the theory.

Lucky for us, my friend Brent told me about a set of videos that go through Pendleton's step by step and refute them. How awesome!

Here is the first one of 4. (about 10 minutes long):

For the rest of the videos, click here. Or you can probably get them through the web page of this video.


  1. Yep...no doubt about it. Pendleton is a true religious nutjob.

    He believes UFOs come from Satan. Wow!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, DUH, Mark, we ALL know UFOs come from Satan! LOL! Yeah, he's a complete nutjob alright.