Crazy Flores, The Evangelical Hijacker

NEWS-US-MEXICO-HIJACKI just can't make this stuff up. Another religious wacko gets the media's attention.

On 09-09-09 a bible-clutching hijacker tried to take over a plane headed to Cancun, Mexico. His name is Jose Mar Flores Pereira of Bolivia. His friends call him Crazy Flores. He wanted to talk to Mexico's president because god told him of an impending earthquake.  He said he chose the date of the attack because it's the inverse of 6-6-6, and that the holy spirit accompanied him on his mission.

His wife said he just wanted to be listened to, to get the media's attention to tell them about a dangerous earthquake he claims will hit soon. (seems rather vague to me)

He used to be addicted to cocaine and has served jail time. When he got to Mexico a decade ago from Bolivia, he set about begging and thieving until a man took him to an evangelical church where he became a preacher. He's also recorded christian music on cd, in case you're interested.

As of yesterday he had yet to be charged with anything.

Seriously, WTF? god surely works in mysterious ways, huh?

News Daily from Sept 09, from Sept 10


  1. The face of this guy is as if he were proud of what he just did. Nothing to be amazed about, most christians thing their actions are commanded by god. Just like those muslim fanatics 8 years ago. Is it for that that believers always say "listen to god talking to you, but with an open heart"?

    Also, I'm glad this guy was not Peruvian.

  2. That is the confident crazy grin of a cult leader! Holy shit - what a narcissist. And probably crazy to boot.

    Seriously, if I was standing between those two storm troopers, I'd be huddled in a quivering ball, somewhere near the floor, with as much of my hair covering my face as humanly possible without morphing into Cousin It. I'm just saying.

  3. I know, he doesn't seem grounded in reality and the seriousness of what he had just done. I wonder if he was disturbed before finding god, or his relationship with jesus made him even more whacko.

    Either way, he's not healthy and I hope he goes to jail for a long time. And I hope they don't let him preach in jail!

  4. No kidding, he's pretty much a crazy narcissist. And people follow him, right? People like this need to be removed from society and medicated.