Atheist Holiday Traditions

As atheists, it would be neat to have fun holiday traditions just for us. I saw this comic and thought I'd share it with you. Do you have any other ideas for things godless heathens could do for the holidays?


Found here.


  1. My local humanist group has an annual potluck for the Winter Solstice/Humanlight. If the weather is decent we might have a bonfire too, and maybe a drum circle. I'm hoping we might also play some board games.

    Then my family celebrates secular Xmas tradition of exchanging gifts on Dec. 25. This is because my son still believes in Santa. Hopefully he'll give that up in another year (he's 7 so he's old enough!), after which we will probably celebrate the Solstice. If I had been an atheist at the time he had been born we would never have started the Santa thing at all.

    I like the alternate ideas.

  2. Cool! My local Coalition of Reason group (Morgantown Coalition of Reason) sponsored a Winter Solstice party last night. :D
    I know a lot of secular people still do the Santa thing with their kids and don't regret it. They say it's so much for for the children that it's worth it. I don't know what I'd do if I had kids, except to teach them to be critical thinkers and ask a lot of questions. :)