Scanning Electron Micrograph Of My Toothbrush!

Last month Johnny posted about an offer from ASPEX. They have desktop SEM (Scanning Electron Micrograph) and will scan a sample of anything you send to them.

The offer still stands. Follow the instructions here to get your dead bugs and rotten food scanned for free.

I sent in my toothbrush and they sent me an email with the results the other day! So here it is:


Pretty interesting, huh? They also put up two other toothbrush scans:


While mine was old, this one looks new. The corners of the top don't look so worn.

Here's the third one:


ASPEX also has a contest running. Name that sample for a free 1gb USB stick. Here's this week's which will be over soon:


Click the image to go to that page where you can comment with what you think it is. Or go here.

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