Sick and Miserable, Needing To Share a LOL

So I am sick and miserable with a nasty holiday cold. I can't sleep so I thought I'd share the latest Mr. Deity with you.

Happy Holidays Everyone! See below for funny holiday lolcats for even more cheer!

Mr. Deity and the Magic, Part Deux

Merry Freaking Catmas, Damnit.

This iz NOT mah happi face!

Festive litter box in 3... 2.... 1....

Makin a list. U on it pal.

catmas ninja

put urself in mortal peril....

catnuts roasting by an open fire...

deck the halls with barfed up holly

Guess what it is!

ur ornamintz ar histoery!

glowry to da burger king!

bah humburger!


  1. Thanks for the LOL's, Neece! Merry Catmas, and feel better soon!

  2. My pleasure, Jenny, thanks! :D

  3. Iz better yet? Had to stop Mr Deity about half way through because even though it is a joke, it is tooo much! Loved the kittehs, especially glowry to the burger king! and the "soon to be festive litter box". heheheh!
    Happy New Year, Neece!

  4. Hi Angie, yeah, I am better, although I have a lingering cough. I'm glad you enjoyed the lolkittys. Happy New Year! :D