Four Interesting Videos Supporting Reason

I have four videos to share with you, and they all have to do with Sam Harris, one of the Four Horsemen (Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett are the other three). Remember the other day I posted the actual TED talk Sam did about science and morality.

The first video is on CNN Opinion and therefore it's just a link to its page. Sam talks to CNN (at the TED conference) about how religion discussions distract us from truly important issues. It's almost 4 minutes long. If you go there to the page, it has a lot of what he said under the video.

Project Reason, which Sam Harris helped start, had a video contest recently. So here are the winners.

Winning Video: The Values We All Stand For

An argument for a change in our national symbols to include atheists by not presuming a belief in God among Americans at the level of our federal government. The goal is not necessarily immediate action, but rather to raise consciousness about where these references to God came from and why they shouldn't be a part of a government that is supposed to represent all of us.

Second Place Winner: Imagine

In a post-religion world, it would be difficult to convince people to build bombs, worship a person, teach creationism, tell people who to marry, or feel justified in ‘owning’ other people. And when we look up for inspiration we’d have to find it in ourselves.

Third Place Winner: Just a Book

A Bible thumper learns his lesson.

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