A Happy Day For Lolcats

Hey everyone,

I really wanted to say hi today but it's my birthday and I am busy baking myself a cake and getting ready to go to dinner. So you will have to make do with some of my favorite recent lolcats and one 2012 comic. Enjoy!

"I only had room to go up to 2012."  .. "Ha! That'll freak somebody out someday."

Ceiling Kitteh decides ur fate

I would have thought natural selection would have dealt with you by now...

Having misplaced both the chess set and the violin, when Basement Cat came for his soul, Felix's only remaining option was to challenge him to a game of Monopoly.

After a long and tiring day of soul snatching, Basement Cat retires with his Snuggle Bunny.

Contemplative Kitteh contemplates balance of Universe.

"And what attributes do you feel you will bring to the table as an employee of Happy Burger?"  .. "I possess extensive experience with fire and brimstone, sir."

Well, this is going back to Amazon. I ordered a Ceiling Cat.

I miss the smell of sulfur and charred flesh, but this is a close second.

Basement Cat's 'Grow Your Own Chicken' kit finally came in the mail.

Basement Kitteh eats your brainz!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I'm looking for a new job and I love the one about applying for the Happy Burger.

  2. Happy Birthday, Neece! Many more! lolcats make my day! partly becuz i liv wif 2 uv da furballz!

  3. Thanks very much, Angie! Yeah, lolcats are awesome. :)

  4. Thanks Mike. :) Good luck with finding a great new job. :)