Celebrating Skepticism With More Podcasts

Awhile ago I shared some podcasts and radio shows that we thought you might enjoy. I have come across a few more that I want to share as well.

  • Curiosity Aroused: Investigation, Exploration and the pursuit of truth. This show is built upon the idea that it's fun to seek out the answers to life's questions. This is a Skepchick/Rebecca Watson podcast. This is quite new, so there are only 3 episodes, but it's interesting and well done.

  • Skeptics With A K: The podcast by the Merseyside Skeptics Society in the UK. This is entertaining, fun and informative. These guys are like SGU in the UK. They are the ones that did the Homeopathy 1023 "overdose" event. It was brilliant.

  • The Skeptics Testament: this is a fairly new podcast (since January of this year). I just found it and am not sure what to make of it, but I wanted to share it with you. It's a skeptical, critical look at the bible. But I can't figure out if they are atheists or christians. But they seem to know their stuff from what I can tell from the first 2 episodes, and it's informative.

  • EDIT: I forgot about The Token Skeptic: a weekly look at superstition, paranormal belief and the science behind it all. The podcast covers a range of ideas and issues, stemming from psychology, philosophy and ethics, science, critical thinking, literacy and education.

If you try these out, let me know what you think! :)

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