We Need the Science Cops

The Tree Lobsters have said exactly what I was trying to say over a year ago, only much more concisely and with a lol. Don't you hate it when tree lobsters upstage you? I do!

Evolution is a sham! The earth is only 6000 years old, therefore there hasn't been
enough time for all the species to have developed from a single origin. All you have to do is look at the...

Hold it right there!

Science Police. We received complaints that you've been willfully ignoring centuries of scientific progress.
Therefore, in accordance with bylaw 27B/6, you've forfeited your right to benefit from the technology derived from said science.


We're confiscating your gadgets.

You can't do that! I have rights!

Don't worry, you'll be compensated with a set of pre-enlightenment equivalents.
To wit: one box of candles, one tinderbox, one quill, one sheaf of parchment, and one goat.

This is outrageous! I'm calling my lawyer!

Good luck with that. The quill gets lousy reception in this area.


  1. Yeh! That's what I say! Don't like the 21st century or believe in evolution? Give up all the (scientific) benefits accruing to you. See how you like that? Pre industrial? go ahead! I dare you! Give up your hot/cold running water, indoor plumbing, electricity...