Atheist Solidarity Day June 21 An Atheist Holiday

I created this ribbon for Atheist Solidarity Day, An Atheist Holiday, which is June 21st. It's a Facebook group and I really like the idea of godless heathens having a holiday for themselves, just because! (see below for more info)

Edit: Now there's an Atheist Solidarity website!

Here's the description from the page:

An atheist holiday and awareness campaign. It's a global and annual day to stand up together as one and provide support for those who struggle to be non-religious in their communities. It's a day of celebration for those who have the freedom to be open about their beliefs while at the same time raising awareness about those who don't have that freedom. There are many around the world who have to hide their beliefs because of social pressures, taboos, threat of violence, and even death. Everywhere there are people who have to hide out of necessity. It ultimately is a day of protest, celebration, and awareness raising.

This day will be a day where atheists around the world wear a half scarlet red, half black ribbon pinned to their shirt (the red alluding to the "scarlet A" popularized by the OUT Campaign and the black being atheism) or anything that identifies themselves as an atheist such as the "Scarlet A". As we get more and more publicity every year it will be easier and easier for others to stand out and express themselves.

On June 21 people will be paying more attention to the repercussions that some may suffer identifying themselves as an atheist. It will be a day that when repercussions happen atheists around the globe will stand up and demand it end. On this day we'll write letters to the media, we'll protest, we'll make it more well known, we'll cast an eye on those who oppress. To be successful publicity is important. It's a day to party and be responsible. Create awareness in clever ways. Have a party in a public place and invite the public. Run a fundraiser in the community. Do anything to get more people to see that atheists are just like everyone else. Do things to break the stereotypes people may have. Be fun and show your community what you think is important.

Ideas on ways to identity yourself on this day: wear a half scarlet red, half black ribbon, get something from (proceeds to go to a non-profit foundation), or from , wear a goofy costume and makeup, make signs, or anything to identify yourself as atheist.

This day belongs to everyone. No one controls it or its agenda. It will take it's own path. Hopefully every year more and more people will celebrate this day. Feel free to use this facebook page to organize local events. Just post your location as a topic in discussions. Offer ideas. Join this group. Encourage others to join. Write about it in your blog. Promote this day everywhere.

Eventually this day could be a day were all atheists stand up in solidarity worldwide in order to help more come out to those around them. Together we can help change the world where eventually atheists everywhere can stand up fearless and celebrate our freedom every June 21. This event nicely compliments World Humanist Day. See for related information.

REMEMBER that this day will only be successful if many groups participate. If you see an atheist/humanist group that isn't participating, write a quick email encouraging them to do something that day. It only takes 5 minutes and can make a big difference!!! Contact information for groups in your area can be found at Richard Dawkins' site here.

Also at: use #atheistsolidarityday


  1. Dee ShneidermanMay 3, 2010 at 7:38 PM

    My daughter and I invented our own holiday, Heidentag (loosely translated Heathen's Day). We celebrate it on December 27th with lots of food and warm wishes. Y'all are welcome to celebrate it, too.

  2. Thanks Dee, that's a great idea! Heidentag! I love it! :D