Brainwashing Little Kids With Christian Propaganda

Some things are incredibly hard to watch. Watching adults lie to children, manipulate them, turn them away from reality and science all because it's "easier" to control them, keep them in line, keep them in the church, is sickening beyond the pale.

I found this on Stupid Evil Bastard, who reviewed it quite well. But I had to share it with you because these horrid people, Ken Ham and his ilk, are killing the critical thinking of children with lies and bullshit. Get them while they're young and you maybe just get them for life.

And the mother who says it's just easier? I have nothing nice to say so I'll keep my thoughts to myself about that. But I'll just say she gets what she deserves with that kind of lazy, willfully ignorant parenting.

Nothing to me is more despicable that cultivated ignorance. Except maybe spoon feeding it to poor kids who can't reason through the lies yet.


  1. Sickening, all of it. Manipulation.

  2. Those kids don't even know what evolution is...

    The saddest part is the ending, with the kids, and their canned responses. "I don't believe in evolution because god created everything..." And how does god creating everything disprove evolution?

    To the b**** in the middle, "mainstream" is Christianity, you are the majority, quit acting like a minority.

    The whole thing is tailored to brainwash children. "Does your grandfather look like that?" OMG. But even going to the song, "He's tail's like a cedar tree", they manipulated the bible verse for their own gain, it's "He moveth his tail like a cedar", completely different.

    The fact they had to manipulate the passage speaks for itself. All in a day of the life of creating little holy warriors going to war.

  3. I agree, GMN, the canned responses at the end are so sad. Another battle lost.
    Yeah, the mother in the middle part made me want to scream, among other visceral reactions.
    It really is sickening. :(