Ask A Christian

So, why do I need to accept Jesus?

"Because we are sinful."

Well, why are we sinful?

"Because God gave us free will and we chose evil."

But, if free will makes this life sinful and imperfect, and heaven is perfect and without sin, does that mean there's no free will in heaven?


Or does that mean somehow in heaven free will and perfection co-exist? And if so, why didn't he just give us that state on earth to begin with? Since he loves us so much?

**more crickets***

Have a nice day.

(Thanks to my friend Gary for sharing this from me which came from someone else online)


  1. We have free will, but it's bad to use it unless it's to follow His Will. So really "free will" is a trap. We can either choose to be slaves or to be condemned. They call that salvation? They call that morality? Pfft!

  2. I've talked one or two christians into corners, only for them to claim that "They'll ask God when they get there." Wish it were that simply, but its hard to break the bubble.

  3. Superb posting! I like your web site, and If possible update it more frequently.

  4. Yeah, saying that the bible is a great foundation for morality is like saying that building a castle on sand is a good idea.

  5. Yes, the problem is it's two different discussions, really, don't you think? Faith vs Reason is not conducive to a fair and healthy argument. The faith side will always talk circles of fantasy around the Reason side who will try to argue fairly and logically. You can't go head to head with logic and belief. It's like oil and water.