Funny Tidbits To Make You Smile

Just a few funny tidbits to entertain you. Plus the Pale Blue Dot for a bit of awesomeness. :)

"There have been numerous cases where practicing christians have been obliged to obey the same laws and abide by the same rules as everybody else." (How Barbaric!) Jesus and Mo

God! It's like everyone I've ever slept with is here.

Hitler was a drug-free vegetarian. Do your part to fight fascism: eat meat and do drugs. (name that logical fallacy!)

Having a great vocabulary didn't save the Thesaurus from extinction/eradication/extirpation. :P

Man and religion, a synopsis: They said christianity was a religion of peace...

Carl Sagan and the Pale Blue Dot. Awesome!


  1. Lol! The second one is hilarious, as is the one with the Islam bit at the end. :P

  2. I have to admit I like dogs.
    I guess me and Adolph are cut from the same cloth.
    - Sigh

  3. Sigh, I like dogs too. I'm just like Hitler too! :P