SSCD: Superior Spirituality Complex Disorder

This morning Elizabeth left a brilliant comment on The Law of Attraction - And The Secret - Is Bullshit post and I had to share it with you. For those of you who have read The Secret, or worse dealt with someone who has read it and taken it to heart, you might recognize the disorder that Elizabeth has coined “Superior Spirituality Complex Disorder”

Here is her comment:

“Attracting” and “manifesting” are merely seductive words meant to increase one’s complex sounding vocabulary of incredible denial. As well as having great sales potential. I have another term I would like to add to this “special sauce” that I coined myself after reading some of this stuff. I might just send it in to the researchers who publish the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV) to see if it can be added to the list.

“Superior Spirituality Complex Disorder”

It strikes those who’s capacity for believing in self serving bullshit is so high, that you can actually see it splattered all over the ceiling.
I have personally witnessed one’s very unattractive manifestation of “SSCD” while reading “The Secret.” In fact, I was inspired to name this disorder because
there was no other way I could describe the people I knew who felt they were owed something after reading it. Here are some common signs of SSCD.

  1. Falling in love with her/him self post completion of “The Secret”and her/his subsequent newfound spirituality of “attracting” and “manifesting” to the point of ignoring/denying the needs, opinions and consideration of others. They believe they not only deserve special consideration from the universe, but the universe will hear them and acquiesce to their wishes. This is at the heart of those who have SSCD.

  2. Beholders of SSCD tend to use the feelings their victims have for them to “attract” and “manifest” what it was they wanted for themselves. It is a common complaint amongst victims of partners with SSCD to have been exploited by said people. After they pillage the goods, victims tend to not be good enough for SSCD folks, and soon are on a “different life path.” When the victim expresses their hurt, they are told they are making a “choice” to feel this way. Very common wording of those possessing SSCD, whom by the way, are almost always Master Manipulators. (such as the woman who wrote this pile of harmful nonsense.)

  3. SSCD subjects tend to be VERY stuck in their beliefs and shun those who don’t buy in. These beliefs include and are not limited to,

    1. the LoA (Law of Attraction)

    2. attracting bad things because of negative thinking

    3. karma

    4. their past lives

    5. astral projection

    6. astrology

    7. numerology

    8. whatever their “ enlightened teacher” professes

    9. other such money making bullshit fads and fairy tales

Acquaintances, friends, and lovers of SSCD folks, BEWARE!!!!
Studies have proven they became downright nasty and condescending if you're not getting on board for what they attempted to feed you. Surefire way to tell if someone truly possesses SSCD:
If you trump them with sound science, reasoning, and common sense when questioning their beliefs, you will never find a quicker, more surefire way to lose these people as “friends.”

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This is a terrible disorder. But I really wonder about the basic character of anyone who will so easily assimilate such utter bullshit into their lives at the expense of friends, family and loved ones. People use the LoA as a way to justify their sociopathic tendencies to manipulate the very universe into supposedly giving them what they think they deserve. It's not healthy. It's not ethical.

Thanks for coming up with this term, Elizabeth. I think it's really important for those of us not infected with SSCD to be aware of the symptoms when a loved one or friend becomes under the influence of The Secret and/or the LoA.


  1. I dated a girl a while back who was into all that bullshit. She did EVERYTHING you just said and more. The best part? When we first started seeing each other, she swore she wasn't a drama queen. She was right. She was The Drama Empress.

  2. The effects of Superior Spirituality Complex Disorder as defined by a christian.

    I have finally caught the attention of the creator of the universe, and he has temporary suspended his very responsible duties so that he can tell me personally that he wants lowly me to spread his holy gospel message unto the world, I feel about 1000 feet tall right now. I'm not worthy to be called but, I gladly accept the challenge, because I do not want to let god down.

  3. LOL, that doesn't sound like much fun for you. But I did crack a smile at the term "Drama Empress". My sister in laws are like that. I can relate!

  4. Thanks Steven. The only thing I would change is that I don't think people think of themselves as lowly at all. In fact, I think they think they are on par with god in some ways, that they can even read god's mind. It must feel .. well.. superior.