Woe Is Me

~UPDATE: My friend Doug fought through his drug haze (he just had surgery and is on painkillers) to tirelessly help me figure out what was wrong. Apparently it is a plugin! So now the links work, but you'll notice that some little features are gone. I will be working on it.

Thanks so much Doug, you rock!


Somehow I have developed a problem with all of my links on Heaving Dead Cats. I just wanted to let you know I'm working feverishly to figure out the problem and fix it.

So far I've figured out that there's some magical file called .htaccess. And there are pretty permalinks that won't behave (only the default ugly one works... there's a moral to that story, I bet). And I am pulling my hair out.

I might start praying to the Geek Gods or something. If you know about htaccess and permalinks, please email me. I will be so grateful!

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