Happy Heathen Halloween!

Hi Everyone! Happy Heathen Halloween! Today my local Morgantown Atheists are having a party to celebrate Halloween. Right now the Rally to Restore Sanity is on, and hopefully we have already voted or will this coming Tuesday. I was hoping to vote today but it didn't happen since I had to make Italian Sausages and Peppers in the crock pot this morning for the party. That, and I still have to see who's best for the Board of Education here. I think that's probably the most important local office position.

Oh, and tomorrow is my anniversary! Butch and I got married on Halloween in 1996, so this is our 14 year anniversary. So to celebrate so many occasions, here are some lolcats. Enjoy and have a scary weekend full of sweets and treats. :)

This is another one of those instances where you find out why all the ER nurses know you by name and why they always have a bed ready for you.


Yew wan mad cao? I gives yew mad cao!

For ur next craftee projekt, u mite want tu nit sum bandajes, cuz u gonna need dem.


ART: You can no rush it.

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  1. I love the kitty zombie pic.

    I did a bit on Halloween.