Videos to Show Your Christian Friends

Here are two videos that I found recently. They would be perfect to show your christian friends and family. They use the technique I've heard of for confronting someone's worldview. Basically you talk about something you agree on, or say something positive about the person, then appeal to that commonality or positive aspect to show the flaws in their thinking.

Why does every intelligent Christian disobey Jesus?

10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer


  1. Great little video and excellent attempt to proselytise Christians. Unfortunately, I don't really think it will work. It is my opinion that those who employ rational thought would be better served by spending their time protecting their rights from the STATE.

    After all, it is the State that exerts the authority to prohibit our right to be Free Thinkers. All the things you list as fear of Christians happened to one family in Oklahoma a few years back. It was the State though that tried to kick them out of their home and property. It was the State that they stood up to and fought and won.

  2. Hi, I'm not sure I'd call this proselytizing. This is simply letting christians know about critical thinking, and then encouraging them to use it toward their religion. Here is the definition of proselytize: to convert (someone) from one religious faith to another.
    Giving someone the tools to question their faith is not proselytizing.
    While freethinkers need to make sure church and state are separated, the people vote. So the way to affect society is to address the problem of religion on many levels.
    Educating people is a very important level to address. Of course, many people will not listen to a video. But maybe we can watch them as well and then gently talk to our friends and family about these things and help them to see that there are different and more rational ways to think.