Sick of Being Sick, So Here Are Some Lolcats and Funnies

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately. Last weekend I caught a bad cold and I've been getting more miserable as it's settled in my lungs. So, since my brain hurts and I don't have anything intelligent to say, here are some funny or thought provoking cartoons and some lolcats to amuse you.

Prayer: The original Slactivism

Crucifixion Cake

He Boiled For Your Sins

If Jesus Had Died in the Electric Chair

I r not suprized u haz no girlfriend.

What the cat does in the bathroom when you're sleeping.

Angry Cat Meets Art Therapy Class


  1. I love the candles on the crucifixion cake !!!!!

  2. That first one, about slaktivism, nails it on the head.

  3. I know! How amazingly disturbing is THAT?!

  4. Good! My work here is done! :)

  5. The electric chair one is totally my favorite.

    Get well! I've been sick for like a month so hopefully you don't have whatever I have :D