The Haneford Question

As you know, I love geeky podcasts. One I really like is Science Weekly from the Guardian. It's witty, smart and educational. They started something recently from a listener named Haneford. He asked them to ask the physicist Brian Cox a question. The question was so good they now ask the question on a regular basis.

Here it is:

If you could have one question in the world answered, what would it be?

So? What would it be? I am still mulling it over. But I would love to know what matters to you and what you'd ask. Assume the answer would be accurate and honest, of course.


  1. how come you (the universe) have all the answers?


    how can I believe the answer you are giving me is correct?

    pessimistic I know, but trust is obviously a big issue for me in this world!

  2. Hi Rah. So basically you're doubting the answer that you'd get? And that would be your question? Interesting.

  3. What can be done to influence evolution in the direction of increasing mans empathy with his fellow man.

  4. That's a great question, J. Thank you!
    I've heard someone talk about this recently on Science Weekly, the Guardian's podcast. I can't remember who it was. One idea for something along these lines was to make organ donation the default. Then if you really are against it, you would opt out of it. But the default would be that your organs would be donated. Something simply like that. It's how some European countries do it now.
    I wonder what other ways we could direct humanity to be more empathetic?