Rapture Time, Again!

Remember back on May 21st when the Rapture happened? No? Well, that's because it  was spiritual, not physical. And the real Rapture/Judgment Day is actually happening TODAY!

I can't believe I forgot about it! I still have money in my bank account, room left on my credit cards, and I haven't cheated on my husband with every person within grabbing distance. And I haven't killed anyone yet!

Most importantly I haven't fallen to my knees to beg for mercy and salvation from my lord and savior (the Flying Spaghetti Monster.. who were you thinking of?).

It's still only 6:30 pm on the West Coast where Harold Camping lives, so maybe there's still a chance, but the day is marching on. It looks like his math was wrong yet again.

Did anyone believe him this time? Will he just fade into the distance after wrongly predicting the Rapture 3 times? What will his excuse be tomorrow? I can't wait to find out how he'll twist things around to keep himself firmly ensconced in his sad little delusion.

I hear that his Family Radio bank account still has $70 million dollars in it, by the way. Just one last question. Why didn't he spend all that money doing something useful if he knew he and the rest of the sheep would be raptured today? It sure looks like even Camping doesn't trust his own predictions!


  1. The Lake of Fire must be spiritual, too. I'm not even breaking a sweat.

  2. Lol, Mike! I know, I'm wearing thermal underwear, it's not hot at all! :P