Dead Cats Into Diesel

Ok, for some reason this struck me as a bit.... odd. Diesel from dead cats? I just had to share it with you, since we're Heaving Dead Cats around here on a regular basis. Now we can save money, heave dead cats and make fuel! Woot!

Dr Christian Koch, 55, from Kleinhartmannsdorf, has a special method for turning household garbage into biodiesel. This leads me to believe you can make biodiesel out of just about anything.

So, his method involves heating stuff like old tires, paper, motor oil, plastic, dead cats, just about anything, to 300 degrees Celsius. Then the hydrocarbons go through a catalytic converter.

Now I'll know what to do with all those dead cats in my freezer! (JUST KIDDING)

Found Here and Here.


  1. just in case turning your dead cats indo diesel should not work I recommend Simon Bond's "A Hundred and One Uses of a Dead Cat" or "A Hundred and One More Uses of a Dead Cat" ;)

  2. Thanks Wahoonie! Dead cats can be so useful to have around! :D