Wow. It's Over! And Other Goodness

First, let's do the other goodness. The political bit follows. My friend has been busy lately and I want to share what he's been doing.

  • Global Atheist is an aggregate site that refreshes every 15 minutes. It's a great place to scan lots of awesome skeptical and atheist sites at once.

Now for the Rambling Political Bit:

After about 2 years of campaigning and general political nastiness, it's over. We'll have a new president soon! Change is in the air! President Barack Obama. I don't know about you, but I'm so glad it's done.

It seems that most of America is probably relieved and happy today, while some people (like my parents) are very angry and busy selling off their stocks so that they can leave the country. Maybe they can move to Canada. Oh wait, Canada really IS a socialist country. Just teasing.

Hopefully things will settle down, and people will get on with their lives. My phone didn't ring all day from the Republican party, telling me how to think, so it was nice to have some peace and quiet.

I feel like there is so much potential for positive change. I hope good things will be able to happen with a new administration.

What does it mean to us, the little people, to have a new president? Hopefully a lot. In my humble opinion, things can only get better after the past 8 years. Apparently most of America agrees that it was time for something different. WOOT!


  1. Global atheist has some potential. How are the sites chosen to include on the front page?

  2. Hey James, I'm not sure how Global Atheist chooses the front page sites. I'd venture a guess but I don't want to be wrong. :P