My Wickedness Shines Through

I wonder how I come across to all you fine people who read my humble little blog. Do I seem like a nice atheist with a heart of gold? Do I seem like a malignant troll? Evil beyond measure as I try to corrupt impressionable minds and turn them from god? It's interesting to ponder how others see you.

Anyhoo, enough self-examination. Let's get on with what I have for you today. Sheer mischievous wickedness, I'm afraid. Please don't mind the fact that there is also a bit of shameless self promotion. That is quite unintentional. This is really about the mischievousness. And the wickedness. Don't forget that too. :P

As you may know, my brilliant husband Butch and I make t-shirts. A lot of them are anti-religious in nature. Recently we made one entitled Slave to Fairy Tales. Here it is on a t-shirt:

It says: "Slave to Fairy Tales? Might I suggest something with a better story line and more believable characters, like Mother Goose or Aesop's Fables?"

I also put it on a sticker:

Then I got a blasphemous idea to do another version on a sticker.

Now I can't imagine why you'd want such a sticker. No, can't think of a single damned reason. Maybe someone more clever than me could think of a way to use them (hint hint). :P

For some reason this design makes me blasphemously happy. If you have any clever or wicked ideas, feel free to share with the rest of us. :P


  1. Actually, "blasphemously happy" sounds like a pretty awesome slogan to use for something.

  2. HA! You're right! I'll get right on it! :D You rock, Doug. :D

  3. Mother Goose is infinitely more believable than Yahweh Mr. "I Am Who I Am"

    You could also make one that says "I am no slave to fairy tales"

  4. Yeah, we have a few versions of that one in the works. But I think I like your wording best. Mind if I run with it?

    Yeah, I totally prefer Mother Goose and the common sense morals of Aesop's Fables to the sinister Yahweh.

  5. Woot! Coming soon to a t-shirt near you! LOL! :D

  6. I'm envisioning someone in some-kind of cleaning service position... With a stack of stickers in their pocket... Slapping one on the inside cover of ever Bible they pass...

    Nice site you have here, I'll add to my RSS feed; keep up the good work! -Johnny

  7. Most excellent idea! Woot! Thanks Johnny. :)