Happy New Year, Heathens!

indifferent to your suffering

Here's to an interesting year coming to a close, and the beginning of a fresh new year full of change and promise.

i be ok

I hope you're all having fun with your celebrations and being safe getting to and from any parties.

tell me bout you

This change is really just an arbitrary moment in time. A time to take stock, and a time to celebrate.

bacon not done yetNext year will be awesome. I know, that's my optimism speaking, but we'll make it the best year it can be. :)

optimist kitteh, pessimist kittehThank you for helping me be my best this year. Luvz U guyz!

Aww, damnit, I was aiming for posting at exactly midnight. But my awesome husband just called to wish me a Happy New Year. Damn, I love that guy. Ok, thank you again for being such great readers and commenters. Suggestions always welcome, as are guest posters. :)

Since I'm already late, how about one more lolcat? Let's see if I can find a really good one. (actually the optimist pessimist is one of my favs at the moment :P )

128714311177315353HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 2009!


  1. And a happy new year to you too.

  2. That last one is awesome! And thus the war twixt ceiling cat and basement cat was joined. Who getz pwned?

  3. Well, Steve, you know who "I" hope gets pwned! LOLZ!
    And a happy new year to YOU too! :D WOOT!

  4. Thank you Doug! :D Same to you! :D