5 Evil and Crazy christian Movements


Here are 5 christian movements that are crazy and evil. As if any christian-based movement isn't evil, I know! LOL... anyway, I just wanted to bring these issues to your attention, if you didn't already know about them.

  1. The Patriarchy Movement: the baptists want to undo feminism and get women back into the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant and subservient to their husbands. 3,000 women have signed the manifesto which was unveiled October 11, 2008. Apparently a lot of our societal ills are because women are so uppity these days. So hey, let's just go back to the Iron Age where men can marry as many women as they like, drag them around, beat them, and keep them pregnant. That sounds healthy. Obviously women aren't smart enough to do anything but have babies, cook and clean. Right? WRONG. STFU, already. The 3,000 women who signed that document are so brainwashed, they don't even have brain cells left to think with.

  2. creationism: those crazy christians are like pit bulls with this issue. They lost in Texas recently (big sigh of relief) but won in Louisiana. How crazy do you have to be to believe in a talking snake and a tree of knowledge and Adam and Eve, etc? Crazy like a fox, because they're dictating how kids will be taught in school. creationism... doesn't it say there's some type of creator? Isn't that a violation of the Separation of Church and State in the Bill of Rights, since they are pushing this indoctrination into public schools? Why is this even an issue?

  3. Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation: Prop 8, and now this. A private school in California is allowed to discrimate against 2 girls for having  "a bond of intimacy" that was "characteristic of a lesbian relationship." They didn't DO anything. They were just close. WTF? And this is also dangerous ground because a school or organization can use their religious beliefs as justification for discrimination.

  4. The Indoctrination of Innocent Children: Ok, so this is as old as the very idea of religion, but it's evil and it needs attention. Most children will automatically follow in the religious footsteps of their parents, especially the kids that are home-schooled (which seems to be used quite a bit by christians to make sure the teaching of their kids are god-centered). It's wrong, plain and simple, to raise a child to believe in fairy tales. What is different from raising your child to believe in Santa (who was a real man - St. Nicholas of Myra who actually attended the first ecumenical council in 325 CE in Niceaea.)

  5. Ok, I'm tired, and I must admit, I've gone off the deep end while writing this list. So here you go, something that is so awful it should make you laugh:  armor-of-god-pjsI know, I know, it totally goes in with number 4's indoctrination of children. This kind of stuff will totally screw up your kiddies! The website is here, in case you need some overpriced crazy christian clothes.  They offer salvation too. How convenient. wow.. an online shortcut to god.

What religious issues or movements do you think should be on this list? There were so many to choose from, I sort of got overwhelmed. But we can do a follow-up list with your suggestions. Feel free to provide links or search terms in your comments. Let's all stay informed! Oh, for the follow-up, we'll include other stupid religions. No sense discriminating against the rest of the kooks.


  1. What about Reconstructionists, who want to turn the US into a Christian theocracy?

  2. Hey Eric, thanks. I followed your link and it appears to be rather old. On looking up the christian reconstructionists on wikipedia, it doesn't seem like it's a movement that is really moving at all.
    Of course, the right wingers do want to turn us into a theocratic police state (in fact, I think we were well on our way until earlier this month), but I don't know if you'd list them under reconstructionists. It's something to keep in mind, though.

  3. I happened by a Patriarchy Movement video last night I wish I'd bookmarked. They are very dangerous. You'll sometimes see them pushing that "complementarianism" notion, that women and men are complementary to one another. (The direct opposite of egalitarianism, where they're equal and share responsibilities, duties, authority, etc.)

    You'll hear this nonsense argument from the homophobes a lot. Homosexuality is unnatural and same-sex marriage is wrong because "woman complements man and is a perfect helpmate for him". In other words if society accepts gay couples and same-sex marriage it completely obliterates the f*cked up society they want to maintain where the man runs everything and the woman serves only as his brood sow and housemaid. Men who aren't the epitome of masculinity and women who (gasp) don't need men endanger their iron grip on society.

    Since the private school was private they could do anything they wanted, unfortunately. But IMO it's high time these bigots start getting a taste of their own medicine. Boycott anything and everything we can, and clamor even louder for tax-exemptions and other perks these shysters get to be yanked. If they want the "right" to discriminate then why should they also have all sorts of special perks we don't, like tax exemptions and so on? I don't see the KKK and Neo-Nazis getting subsidized by the state.

    Indoctrination of kids is evil but if we go after that we could end up in a society where parents can't teach their children any of their views/beliefs. Do we want to head down that road? It's probably better to try and push more backward nations (like the US) toward enlightenment rather than attempt to legislate away parental rights--which would only lead to more cries of "religious persecution" anyway.

    Now about those "Armor of God " PJs. I've seen those before and they're ridiculous. But I can see people getting them for their children and the little twits thinking they're invincible because they're wearing God's armor. So who's paying the legal fees for God when his armor fails and the kid doesn't survive a fall from the roof?

  4. OMG! I'm seriously LOL'ing over those PJ's! That's both hysterical AND wrong! :-)

  5. I would add two to the list:

    1. The Full Quiver movement, www.quiverfull.com, that encourages Xtians to have lots of babies.

    2 Dominionist Xtianity, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominionism, including AOG, reconstructionists, and violent wingnuts like Joel's Army and its spinoffs.

  6. Those PJ's are funny but also disturbing. It seems they are trying to pit god vs. "boogeyman under the bed"...also seems like telling your kids magic god pjs will protect them would encourage mental illness or at least an unhealthy dose of paranoia and anxiety.

  7. Most definitely, Dan. They made me lol too! :P

  8. Wow, thanks Buffy. Excellent points! :D

  9. Thanks Father Nature. I will look into those. They both sound awful! :(

  10. Yeah. Then again, maybe they're Darwinian in a fashion. I can see the true believers jumping off of roofs because they think they can fly like angels. Yeah, good going, teaching kids that PJs are magical! Oh, sorry... didn't the mormons start that with their magic undies? LOL!

  11. At first I thought this would be a post on historical Christian movements (i.e, the crusades), which by modern standards are far more screwed up. All very relevant points though, just not as scary historically, and nothing compared the current movements of Islam.

    When I was a kid, I'm pretty sure my mum would have brought those pajamas for me if she wasn't as frugal as she was religious! Her penny pinching at least saved me that much : P.

  12. I should do a list of current craziness in islam, but that would be so long. Maybe I could just do the top 5?
    And don't rule out some of these evils (or the thousands of other insidious christian movements and indoctrinations, etc.). They may seem benign because they don't affect you directly, but that doesn't make them any less dangerous, especially when added up together. Forcing dogma and morals onto people, and brainwashing children with those disingenuous ideologies is evil.

  13. Yeah, totally screwed up, but I'm not sure about evil? No more evil than a mentally handicapped parent accidentally smothering their child perhaps..

    Wouldn't they have to be conscious of their wrongdoing for it to be evil?

  14. You honestly think the pope and his minions haven't been informed of the facts regarding the effectiveness of condoms in preventing AIDS? (90% effective, btw!)
    But his moral superiority dictates for him that he gets to distort that important fact into a Lie so that people will follow his advice. Unfortunately for them, it will also contribute to the spread of AIDS and those people will get sick and die horrid deaths.

    Why would you let the pope and his ilk off the hook so easily, saying that he is mentally handicapped? He's not. He's smart enough to learn the basic science if he wants. He's simply morally bankrupt. That's evil.

    Definition of evil: 1. morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked. 2. harmful; injurious.

    I'd say lying to people who trust you, especially knowing that many of those people will believe you because you represent their god, and that your lies can lead to their deaths? EVIL.

  15. Yeah, your right, that's letting them of the hook way to easily, and by that definition they certainly are evil. I'd contest they they are lying to themselves more than anything else though. When the pope says the things he says, I think he really does believe them, people really can be that gullible, and have superiority that inflated. Yeah, that shouldn't excuse how morally bankrupt it is though.

    Thanks for calling me on that one.

  16. Well, we'll never know if they are lying to themselves as well as the rest of the world. We can never know what's in the mind of someone else, only what they tell us. So by his actions, I still say he's evil and morally bankrupt.

  17. You insist on schooling my on this one huh :P. Your right, we can guess all we like about someone's motivations, but that's just speculation compared to their actions which are indisputably evil and morally bankrupt.

  18. I'm sorry, Infidel. I didn't mean to be a hardass.
    :P Hugs! :D

  19. I just found your blog last week and am catching up on all your posts.

    I live in Louisiana, and I homeschool BECAUSE of the religious nuts around here. I want to teach my kid real science and literature ( and whatever else he wants to learn ).
    Although we can never fully get away from it. Last week at the library some older gentleman engaged my son in conversation and at the end told him "Now you be good and listen to your momma like Jesus taught little boys to do".

    I need some suggestions for comebacks to the crazies like that who preach to my kid. I don't approve.

    Anyway, love your blog. Thanks for being the voice for those of us closet atheists who can't voice our opinions for fear of death (by the christians around here).

  20. Hello Dawn! Welcome to HDC! :D I hope we can help you combat the religious crazies you are subjected to so often. Email or comment with situations and we'll help you build your repertoire of witty comebacks. :D

  21. Some of this reminds me of the blooming Nazi movement in Germany right before the war.

  22. That's an interesting point, Saul.