Car Crashed Into Church Roof - god Asleep at the Wheel?

car-crash-churchFrom the Telegraph: Emergency forces rescued a man from his car which he crashed into a church roof in Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany. The 23 year-old was severely injured. According to the police the driver missed a turn at high speed, continued straight ahead on a slightly rising field and then finally 'took off' to land in the church roof seven metres above the ground.

Of course, we all hope the kid is ok. But sobriety aside, this is too funny. I guess god wasn't paying attention? Or maybe Zeus wanted to up the ante in the card game they were all playing in heaven? I wonder if the poor kid said 'Oh god' as he saw the church looming in his vision? At any rate, this is proof once again that physics is both amazing and awesome. I'd say it might also reinforce the fact that there's no god, but you can't prove a negative, as we all know. :)


  1. Hehe. Now Neece, isn't it obvious that this is proof of God? It was obviously a miracle that he wasn't killed instantly! Also, TOTALLY miraculous that the accident occurred Sunday NIGHT instead of Sunday MORNING, when there might have been more people hurt!!?!?!!! etc. etc. Also, the reports say the car SOARED into the church!?! Hello!?!? Cars don't SOAR by themselves??!??


    and so forth and so on...

  2. Oh, that is just pure-d awesome.
    You know, it makes one wonder how the universe seems to function the way you'd expect it to without the idea of a god running things. In a world without a god, the car just crashed in to the roof of a building.

    And Barbara, of COURSE cars can soar- haven't you ever seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Harry Potter? :)

  3. "And Barbara, of COURSE cars can soar- haven’t you ever seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Harry Potter?"

    lol - oh yeah, whoops! I stand corrected.

  4. Oh, silly me! Of course it's proof positive of god! The poor kid is probably a paralyzed vegetable in a coma, but hey, at least he's ALIVE. Lucky him! And you're so RIGHT! It SOARED on the wings of ANGELS! LOL! Ok! OK! I'm a believer!

    Wait... NOT! LOL!

  5. HA! Hey, don't be bursting our little god-bubbles, here, Steve. It SOARED! Like Harry Potter! It's a freakin' MIRACLE, BAYBEEEEEE!!!!! LOL! :D

  6. I agree with you Neece. It reinforces the fact that there’s no god.

    Reminds of a couple months before the holidays lighting struck a church in my old neighborhood. I think to myself when me and my bf pass it going to his parents. How on earth can people still believe and worhip this god?

  7. Neece can you delete the first comment. I relized she was being funny and joking around after I posted it. She was right?

    Thanks :D

  8. Have you had some recent bad experiences with the punctuation mark addicted online crazies? Yeah, it was a joke. I thought the snark was obvious enough, but it really is hard to tell sometimes, Poe's law and all. In the future I'll include a *snark* or a :) for clarification.

    :) (that's not a snarky smile, just a smile)

  9. Yeah, I wonder the same thing, Colleen. But as they've found, belief and memory are stored differently in the brain, and religious ecstasy basically shuts down a section of the brain. So logic and sense have nothing to do with belief, it seems. :(