If I believed in divine providence I would say that destiny helped me stumble upon the following movie. But I'm as godless as can be, so I just have to thank whoever posted Religulous to AtheistNation. I don't go to the movies, so I didn't get to see it in the theaters. But I watched it a bit ago and I have to say I'm glad I did. It was excellent.

Here is the full movie (140 minutes)

I learned some interesting facts and tidbits, but most of what Bill Maher finds out in these interviews around the world are not new to me. But combined with his commentary, it is interesting and provocative, to say the least.

I was afraid I'd hate this movie because I was afraid it would fill me with impotent rage, but somehow it didn't. It frightened me, yes, but Bill Maher is masterful, helped by awesome editing, at telling us all something we need to know in a palatable format.

We're on the road to nowhere with religion. It demands that people submit and remain ignorant and childish, it encourages people to hate and murder and kill for the stupidest reasons, it lies, and it is insidiously dangerous unlike any other threat in the whole world.

So whether you rent it, buy it, watch it here or however you manage to get a hold of it, watch this movie. Get your friends to watch it. It's enlightening if you allow it to be, even for a cynical old atheist like myself.

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