Betty Bowers and Edward Current Educate Us

It's time for some educational videos, my friends. Luckily these will hopefully make you crack up as well as teach you something.
Here's Edward Current in My Cat Is A christian, which of course, Miss Delilah is, otherwise her life would be meaningless! 1:56 minutes of hilarity.

I've heard of Betty Bowers but have never experienced her until just the other day. She's America's Best Christian, and she can teach us all quite a lot!
First, awhile ago she did this video explaining prayer to everyone else. Persistence counts, people! It's very informative and helpful. I'll have a bigger house with a real dishwasher, a maid, and a fireplace in no time! Woot! 4:07 minutes long.

Then a more recent, better edited video from just the other day, Betty takes the time to explain traditional marriage to everyone else. I thought I was happily married, but now I know the truth. Oh well. 4:14 minutes chock full of helpful information. Thanks, Betty!

Now we're all properly educated and blissfully informed! Yay! I had some silly old scientific studies to share, but when you are a good christian like Betty and Edward, you don't need stuffy old science at all!

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  1. When I saw Betty's video on marriage yesterday, it was the first time I've seen a video from her. I've HEARD of her before (Landover Baptist Church, I think?) but hadn't seen a video.

    OMG it's hilarious!