Do People Need To Worship? EDITED

Farrah_Fawcett_iconic_pinup_1976This is not about church so much as society and culture. Recently Farrah Fawcett died. Later in the day Michael Jackson bit the dust as well. The world seemed to forget about Farrah immediately and focus on Jacko and how much of an amazing person he was.

Do people have such short attention spans and memories? Do they so easily forget what a freak he was? Do they so mindlessly get selectively nostalgic when someone dies or a big event happens?

I am so over Jacko, not that he was ever big on my list. He was a pedophile and a full-on freak. Why is he being revered? Has the catholic church's silent acceptance of pedophilia made most people numb to such horrors when committed by the exceedingly rich? I question the cognitive processes of anyone who feels the need to worship at the feet of such sickness.

On the other hand, Farrah died at age 62 of cancer. She was a good person who actually contributed to our entertainment. When she made The Burning Bed in 1984 (which was based on a true story), she was forever changed by that experience. Not to mention, as a sex symbol, she was willing to make that movie in the first place.

I found out a few minutes ago that she left donations to shelters for abused women, as well as some of her belongings. That's wonderful and thoughtful.

Alien-vs-PredatorBut it's not as interesting, apparently, as Jacko, who slept in a hyperbaric chamber, drank "jesus juice",  was a jehovah's witness and liked to diddle little boys then pay their families off for the privilege. So the world weeps for him? That's disgusting. Why would anyone feel the need to worship such a horrid person?

Then again, why do people worship god in whatever barbaric religion he is in? Do most people need to worship and look up to someone or something above them? Is it some vestige of evolution that we have yet to shed?

EDIT: My most awesomest husband Butch has written an excellent article about Whacko Jacko, along with an exclusive photo of said molester holding some damning evidence.

Also, here are some Smoking Gun articles that may interest you:

Jackson the Predator

Jackson's Legacy (with transcript)


  1. I think you're underplaying Jackson. And your judging him quite greatly.

    His contribution to society was far greater than Farrah. First, the progression of music. Second, the progression of music videos. Third, the progression of dance.

    And speaking on donations and contributions, Michael Jackson gave leagues more than Farrah. He held a world record for the most charities supported by a pop star. Ranging from AIDs, African development and aid, starving children funds, and an incredible amount to helping children including helping setup his own charity.

    To reiterate, his contributions to society is outstanding. You would be very hard pressed to find somebody who has made greater.

    Did he have problems? Yes. Should we ignore all the good he did because of a few bad things he did? Psychological problems stemming from physical and mental abuse brought about him from his father?

    On that note, media likes to blow things out of proportion. He has never been charged with pedophilia. Nor is their proof he ever had sexual relations with a child, or even was sexually attracted to children. His psychological problem may have been pedophilia, or maybe he just never grew up.

    It is pretty bad to judge him, ignoring the countless good and contributions he brought to society, simply because of a psychological problem that he in no way had control over, that was completely blown out of proportion by media.

  2. First GMN, you are the LAST person I care to argue with. I won't claim to know all the ins and outs of jacko's kooky life.

    One point, jacko had more to give than Farrah so he should have given more.

    And just because he was never found guilty in a court of law as a pedophile doesn't mean that he wasn't. I think he was, based on everything I know about him. We'll never know for sure.

    But don't even get me started that his crazy life is all because he was abused as a child.

    Countless millions of people in this country and this world are sexually, physically and mentally abused as children by their family or someone close to them, or by a priest. They don't all turn into freaks who like to sleep with young boys. (I saw an interview with jacko and he said that himself, about sleeping in his bed with his young friends who were all boys)

    While some people are abused as children and then turn into abusers themselves (this is way too common actually), that is no excuse. I was abused as a child for many years and I have never turned around to hurt another person in any way intentionally. So I am living proof that abused children can grow up and NOT be abusers.

    If someone is a pedophile or abusive to someone weaker than them, they need huge amounts of psychological help. I personally think if they actually act on their predilections they are beyond a cure and need to be locked away from society. Jacko is no exception.

    So whether he gave to charities, which rich people do sometimes just for the tax breaks, or not, he was just a pop star, not someone to be worshiped and revered. And his freakish needs to be with children and sleep with them, then pay their families off when he was accused of touching them, sure does make for the case that he was just another pedophile who got away with child abuse simply because he was filthy rich.

  3. Neece, I was beginning to think I was the only person who felt that way...

    And kudos to you for your strength and survival. Stay shining!

  4. Hi Joules, thanks for the nice comment. I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels this way too. :P
    I don't know that I am very strong at all, but I guess I did survive without taking it out on anyone else so that's something. I was hoping no one would notice that I said that bit to GMN, but I felt I had to because it was relevant.

  5. personally, I don't care how much Jacko gave to charity, his personal transgressions are not compensated for by those charitable donations. Do we know for a fact that he sexually abused young boys? No, not for a fact, but the evidence is pretty strong that he did and then bought off any families who complained.

    Also, don't confuse effect with benefit. Yes, Jacko had a tremendous effect on music, dance and videos, but did he actually make all those better? We don't really know that, and I, for one, despise most pop music, especially post-80s, and I think spending millions of dollars on music videos is a waste of time and resources, especially since no one really even shows music videos any more. If Jackson hadn't come along, someone else would have and music, dance and videos would have just taken a different course, perhaps even "better" than the course it took.

  6. Mathyoo, you nailed it on the head.

    May I recommend some profane reading to everyone?

    Now, Uncle Butchy articulated what I was trying to say.

  7. I'd just like to add a few more things.

    First off, he was outcasted from society because of him basically being a "freak" as you put it. The only thing people worship of him, is his music. That, is what is primarily happening. Again, he had a very large impact, perhaps I know this a bit more for being in dance. And yes, Mathyoo, he made them drastically better. Just because you despise pop music, and don't watch music videos... We do actually know, for that matter too, what he did for the music industry. I could argue if the Beetles didn't show up and somebody else did instead, a "better" music path could have arrived. It's just a silly argument.

    For a quick note, his donations weren't a cover up. He loved kids, perhaps a bit too much. His cases of abuse were opposite of the abuse he went through. Meaning he was so obsessed not to do what his father did, he made sure not to, and was abusive the other way. Parenting needs balance, abuse generally comes from one side, and causes a pendulum like effect. Abuse can never be compared, because not only does the situation have affect, so does the severity and type of abuse.

    And this is a human being you are talking about, not a religion where people follow and worship everything. Everybody has problems. Jimi Hendrix had grand drug problems and addictions... Ray Charles had them as well, and cheated on his wives constantly. This doesn't throw away everything they did in life and the great contributions they gave.

    Again, everyone has issues. I don't think, when somebody dies, anybody deserves to be judged on what they did wrong in life. It's typically a time for remembrance on what good they did in life. These are actual people, after all.

    He was very much outcasted in life, and everybody constantly berated him while he was living for his actions and looks outside of music. But he's dead now. This is a human we're talking about here, why would we ever take the stance that what you do "wrong" in life is more important than what you do "right" in life? It's not like he didn't try to do good his entire life...

    So he wasn't an angel or the next Gandhi. Alright, got you, but can we not celebrate what good he did after he's dead?

  8. I see what you're saying, GMN. I understand everyone has issues. But using your history as an excuse for bad behavior or to hurt others is unacceptable.

    I also don't agree on his contribution to society. But that's a personal opinion. And I believe you have a right to the other side of that as well.

    I see your points and I understand where you're coming from. I just can't agree. I agree with Mathyoo on this one.

    Also was he really that much of an outcast? He surrounded himself with people who practically worshiped him, from what I have learned. I just don't see that he was noble or good.

    I think this is one case where you can have him and think whatever you like, but I don't like him and I am entitled to my opinion as well.

  9. Alright. If you don't believe he actually made a contribution to society, I can certainly understand where you're coming from as well.

  10. Hi there, first time poster. Great blog! Now buy my mugs on Amazon! Just kidding.

    I too feel that too much emphasis is put on "not speaking ill of the dead." What are they going to do, come back and Thriller us to death? Please. MJ was a very disturbed guy who happened to be exploited for his talents way too young in life. Add an abusive father and a crazy cult religion on top of it and that equals what we saw of his life with the surgeries and child-touching (molesting, whatever), dangling his child (named Prince? WTF?) over a balcony, etc.

    In the end MJ was as disturbed as one could be and I get that. I'm not sold on the pedophilia thing just because there might be justifiable doubt as to whether it was sexual or he was just into cuddling and hanging out with kids like they were pets or something. I think that's why he got the monkey.

    He did do a lot for society including We are the World and his work with AIDS cases. You still wouldn't have caught me within 100 feet of the guy. Ew.

  11. Thanks for your perspective, Shelley. I agree he was incredibly disturbed. I'm sure 24 tell all books will be on the best seller list in about a month, none of which will have the "facts", just the "truth".

  12. Michael Jackson was a freak! By paying off the parents of the children he molested, he got away with it. His personal life was a 1st degree freak show. He should have been in jail! I can't believe some people liked this freaky molestor who's trademark grabbing of his crotch while dancing in front of millions.
    Congress had a minute of silence in his memory.....WTF.
    The worshipping of this deviant is an example of the decline of this country......anyone who was sorry to see him go should be ashamed of themselves.
    When jackson died he should have been thrown in a recycle bin where he belongs.

  13. Hi Phillip, I pretty much agree with you. Don't you just love the media coverage, like he was some head of state? Did you hear Congress bowed their heads for a moment of silence for him today? I mean, seriously, WTF?
    And his music is selling like crazy again. Gah, sheeple are such mindless consumers.... It really is sad to see such a pedophile/pederast being worshiped by so many.

  14. Al Sharpton once again accusing those who don't like MJ as racists. Sharpton would have a different take if his son was molested at Neverland.

  15. If Charles Manson could sing and dance like Michael Jackson.......these same nuts would admire him too.