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Don't Believe in God? You're Not Alone In Morgantown, West Virginia!Here in West Virginia, it seems like everyone must be traditionally religious. People wear crosses around their necks and churches seem to be on every corner. But there are godless people scattered about. When I first moved here I felt like I had to hide my lack of faith in the closet. It was oppressive, and still can be at gatherings or over the holidays.

Then I met Tim. He's a friend of mine who is also an atheist and he encouraged Butch and I to come to a Morgantown Atheist meeting. Earlier this year we did and it was awesome! Here were people who were like us, who had similar views of the world in matters of religion as us. The next month we joined the Freethinkers Morgantown Book Club too.

One thing we wanted to do at Morgantown Atheists was to get a billboard like other cities across the country and around the world. We started getting a bit more organized, then found the United Coalition of Reason. They believe that local organizations who don't even know about each other should work together, pool our resources, and reach out together to people who don't even know the little groups exist.

Before you know it, we formed the Morgantown Coalition of Reason! That's the Morgantown Atheists, the Morgantown Brights, the Freethinkers Morgantown Book Club* and the Morgantown Thomas Paine Society*. Now together we can do projects together and all kinds of good stuff. Since we got together, I've met a lot of other people from the other groups and they're great!

So the UnitedCoR helped us get our billboard! For a month we're going to be calling out to the godless of our area, letting them know where to find us, and that they are not alone. People of Reason, unite!

If you're in West Virginia, you can contact the MorgantownCoR to see about joining. In fact, you can contact me, because I'm the Coordinator.

If you're in another part of the country, think about contacting UnitedCoR to help you get organized too. United we stand. And together we can make a positive difference in our communities and around the country. :)


  1. Nice and only 1.4 miles from my former home. It makes me sad that left Morgantown in July. Has there been any reaction?

  2. Hi David!
    Not too much reaction from where I am, but I am sure word will spread. :)

  3. Very awesome! Congratulations!

    We had a "Praise Darwin" billboard in Dover, PA which is near my home, but it was because of the infamous Dover trial, not just for the sake of letting other atheists know they're not alone. We're still working on that one.

    Great job to your group!

  4. That's cool, though, Dan. It's a start. Did people talk about your Darwin billboard?

    Thanks very much, I am pretty happy we got it up.

  5. Thanks very much, Steve! :D Woot! :D

  6. Awesome! Congrats, and great job! Was there any pushback or problem with the advertising company?

  7. Thanks very much, Eric. There was a small problem with the billboard company because the salesman in charge of this area was also a minister. But he ended up wanting the sale, as well as his boss and company did, so after a trip through the legal department, it was approved.