Interesting Randomness

WooT!I'm sorry for neglecting you, my friends. You see, exciting things are afoot here and I am super busy herding cats. I'll fill you in on Tuesday and you'll see what's been keeping me so busy. :-D WOOT!

So for today, I'm going to link to some interesting stuff that you might enjoy.

Here's an interesting bit of religious nuttery: Maine diocese asks catholics to fast against gay marriage. The article also mentions how lame fasting is for catholics: They get to eat one full meal in the day, up to 2 snacks and they can drink all they want. WTF? How is that fasting? That's more than I eat in a day normally!

On a much happier note, Mutations make evolution irreversible! Researchers resurrected (pun intended?) ancient proteins to find that evolution can only go forward. Very wicked cool.

This article is very helpful to nontheist parents: Raise critical thinkers, not atheists. I couldn't have said it better myself!

Our very own superhero, Johnny linked us to this video of Michael Shermer on the Young Turks show. Michael Shermer is the man. He coherently and articulately explains religion, a hypothesis regarding jesus' actual existence, and some other interesting stuff. I would have liked to do a transcript of some of what he said, but I am running out of time. So enjoy this 12 minute video:


  1. I hope those Maine catholics keep fasting. To death. They'll go to heaven, for sure. So please fast to death.

  2. Hahahaha. Yeah I definitely agree that is in no way fasting. Don't you just love how they make up the rules to suit them: "Oh look I'm hungry I've been fasting all day, surelay a snack and a full meal wouldn't hurt"

    On the evolutionary note that is indeed very very very interesting.