I have a MISSION for all heathens across America for November 19. Please watch the following video: (it's 6 minutes long)

Pharyngula wrote about this the other night and noted that the giveaway is now 100,000 books at 100 universities, that Darwin's text will remain intact, and the 50 page foreword will be rewritten to be more fair to atheists. (Does that mean it will be 50 blank pages?)

Here's what I would love to see happen:

  • Atheists, heathens, skeptics and science lovers go to the universities where these books are being given out, kindly receive the free book and walk away.

  • (The next bit is optional) Then meet the other local atheists, walk back to the people giving the books away en masse, and quietly and politely rip out the intro, throw it in the trash and smile.

  • (The next bit is also optional) Then get into a friendly debate with the Comfort/Cameron folks, always staying pleasant and friendly, but defeat them with logic, reason and science facts.

This would serve several purposes:

  • It would keep the sullied copies of Darwin's Origin of Species out of the hands of young people who are just learning to think a bit more critically and may not understand that the foreword is complete lies and bullshit

  • It would make a statement

  • It would show that Atheists CAN unite for a common cause, for one short afternoon, to do a good deed

  • If the atheists are polite, friendly and well-spoken, it will show people that we are good, friendly people, not monsters.

  • It will really upset Comfort and Cameron, which is great fun.

Here's what you can do:

  • Contact your local atheist/brights/freethinkers/skeptical/science/physics/logic/critical thinker, etc. group and talk to them about getting a group together to meet, receive a book, and perhaps make a statement with it en masse once you all have a copy.

  • Help us find out what schools the books will be handed out at so we know where to go. I am not sure how to find this out.

  • Go to your university on November 19 and at least get your copy of the book.

I think if possible (and yes, I know I'm publishing this to my blog), we would best be served if we kept this a bit quiet, at least for now. But spread the word, tell all your evolution-loving, blasphemous, hell-bound heathen friends and family about it.

We can disseminate information through here for now, so let us know if you have any ideas, suggestions and updates about the event, as well as if anyone can find out at which schools the books will be given out.

EDIT: Here is the pdf of Comfort's 50 page foreword. I think this is the original one. When his revised version comes out, let me know so I can link it here!

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