Objective Versus Subjective

I'm seeing this video being repeatedly posted on Facebook as it chains its way though the theist world. From what I've gathered from the YouTube mirroring, this is a TV commercial running in the Republic of Macedonia. The campaign is apparently something like "Knowledge Is Power." And this part of the campaign is apparently sub-headlined "Religion is knowledge, too. Bringing religion back to school."

On several Facebook posts by friends or family, I've pointed out that its not a "true story" as claimed. Even pointing out the Snopes article which says that not only did Einstein not do this, but the whole story is an urban legend. The unanimous response so far has been "So what? Its a good story; and even if Einstein didn't say it, its still the truth."

The title and the argument of the commercial don't really coincide. The title asks "does God exist?" while the argument presented is that "if God exists, then he is evil."

The problem with the argument is that it is comparing objective information with subjective information (apples-to-oranges).

Cold may not exist because it is actually the lack of heat; but heat also really does not exist. Heat is the measurement of temperature. Temperature can be measured with scientific instruments to precise specifics. Multiple scientists from varying cultures with different instruments would measure the same temperature. Darkness actually being a lack of light, but still describing something that is scientifically measureable. Again even with variations in equipment, personnel, and their personal experiences, scientists would reach the same conclusion when measuring the same thing. Thus, they are objective.

Evil, being described as the absence of good is very subjective. Two people raised in different parts of the same state would classify the same deed at different levels of evil. Expand the potential for difference in 'measuring' evil (or absence of good) if your sample audience is from completely different cultures or times in history. The 'measure' of the absence of good is subjective to the era, the country, the nationality, the culture, the personal faith, the personal experience, and the acceptance of society norms for each individual. Thus, this measurement is subjective.

I also think that the dishonesty of the video creator claiming Einstein had this argument with a professor is poor form. And really goes even further to discredit the argument. But when has 'Lying for Jesus' ever been a true ethical struggle for most Christians.

And of course bringing religion into school curriculum is always a bad idea.


  1. I've found that religious people have no qualms whatsoever about lying for jesus and/or god. But how incredibly stupid is that? Why would a supreme omnipotent being need a mere mortal lie for him? It's insane if you ask me.

  2. Cold and hot do not exist. They are subjective terms, based only upon what does exist: temperature. Because cold is not the lack of temperature or heat, it is simply less heat in comparison to another temperature.

    It is important to note, that each one of these terms presented, are all subjective. Cold, hot, darkness, lightness, evil, good... Not just the first ones as you said.

    But they each have an objective variable to follow, such as temperature, amount of light particles in the area, and actions.

    I do, get tired of the Einstein said it BS as well though. I wish I saved this link I stumbled a long time ago, with the lecture extended again to basically said what I just said above and then some... Oh well...