Hoppy Easter, Fellow Heathens

Hoppy Easter, my fellow godless heathens! Today is the day we celebrate the death of a failed prophet from 2,000 years ago, with plastic grass, candy, chocolate and bunnies who lay candy eggs. I feel decidedly schizophrenic just thinking about it. Yet most people who believe this stuff have no problem with the cognitive dissonance.

So let's celebrate the zombie jew returning from the dead and plaguing us with mindless followers for thousands of years with funny pictures!

Proof that bunnies come from tomato patches, then lay candy eggs in April.

Ceiling Cat takes on the Easter Holiday by laying an egg

Easter Ferret will F!&k your S$&t UP!

Now it's starting to make sense!

Sorry kids, Easter's canceled due to technical difficulties.
(whoever put the basket and eggs there is truly twisted!)

The Last Supper at the Garden of Olives. Who picks up the tab?

Now that's conviction

Oh, that's just WRONG! Again, Easter's canceled, kiddies!

The Lord is a bit dry today. Where's the Pinot Grigio to wash him down?

If you say Jesus backwards it sounds like sausage! LOL!


  1. Literally laughed out loud at that last one!

  2. Awesome! Perfect Easter pictures! :-)

    Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

  3. Luv the last 2 - nearly peed myself LoL-ing :D

  4. Yeh...Great! Had to work today, and spent whole day feeling hypocritical for returning sheople's "Happy Easter" because I work at Wallyworld in Florida. These make me feel much better. Thanks!

  5. Happy Zombie Jesus Day, Dan! :D I'm glad you enjoyed them. :D

  6. I'm glad they made you feel better, Angie. :)

  7. Jo, glad you enjoyed them. Also glad you didn't actually pee yourself. :P