The Secret Is Still Bullshit

The Secret, which is all about the Law of Attraction (not a real law, or even real), is still bullshit. But Elizabeth found a great video from Australia that will make you laugh. It explains how The Secret works. It's about 7 minutes long:

Notice how in the demo clips it's always about some materialistic thing like a bike or a necklace? How shallow and self-serving! Why don't all believers in this stupid lie wish for world peace or clean drinking water for everyone? Or everyone to be disease free? Instead they have to have a new Shiny. Pathetic!

Oh, and see the waves of rays coming out of the peoples' heads? That doesn't happen. That's a special effect. So when you wish for something your thoughts don't actually leave your head. Just in case you were wondering. Don't believe me? Ask a neuroscientist. They have proof your thoughts don't leave your head by magic (they only leave your head when you speak, write something down or perform an action based on those thoughts)

Oh OH! And when you ask for something, then believe it's already yours, there's no invisible man in the sky that says to you, "Your wish is my command." You know that, right? The Universe doesn't have a log of every time you wish for that new Ferrari. It doesn't wait for the wish requests to reach 1,000 before it has it shipped to you. (Don't move your house because it will get delivered to your old address! LOL!)

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  1. Those guys are great, aren't they? I wish we got that show on vodcast over here. They're funny!

  2. The Chaser guys are great
    Glad you picked it up, I had missed that show......from Oz

  3. Yeah, I wish we could get their whole show. It wasn't easy to find this in English, not subtitled. :P