Church and Mosque Collapses

A Facebook friend of mine wrote the following: "Google 'church collapse' and check out the number of results of people killed while in the act of praising their deity." So of course I did!

Church collapse: 10,400,000 results!

I am guessing that probably a third of those results are about how the church (as an institution) is collapsing. Which I think is great, if it's true. Also you have to figure that several stories all report on one collapse, so divide by 4 (as a really rough estimate). The number of recent church collapses (say the last couple of years) is about 1,730,000? Math is not my strong suit though, so let me know if I'm way off.

People dying is never something to praise, but it's amazing that so many churches collapse around the world and people still pray to those gods. If God can't even take care of his own buildings, what can he do for me?

And what about mosques?

Mosque collapse: 1,680,000 results!

With these results, I'd say divide by 4 to account for duplicate reports. I got 420,000 relatively recent mosque collapses. I guess Allah doesn't like the way people are bowing and scraping to him.

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