Some Lighthearted Fun, Kinda

Here are some random images and thoughts. Tomorrow is my local atheist group's Thanksgiving get together and I'll be busy making candied yams and eating tons of great food and hanging out with my fellow heathens. So I wanted to give you something beforehand. It's that time of year, too. What are you grateful for? I will list a few things below.

Here is a better bible, and it's only one page. It can fit on a sticky note:

But first, I require that you go first, God. Follow your own rule and Don't Be a DICK!

And God would reply (predictably), "Do as I say, not as I do."

Which leads me to ask you, if the god of Abraham (we'll assume he's the same one for the Jews, Christians and Muslims) exists as he is represented in his "holy" books, would you worship him?

I wouldn't. No way. What a complete and utter childish bully he is. And fickle!

While the above image is for a bit of humor, I'd say that's a pretty good place to start when putting together your moral code. I rewrote mine awhile ago - Neece's Principles. It's a great exercise that helps you realize what's important to you and why, instead of just doing what we were taught by our religious leaders and parents, who probably got their morals from their churches.

Here's a recent Jesus and Mo which I thought you might like:

Which reminds me of the new nonsense coming from pope Ratz. The use of condoms might not always be wrong.

Tell me this isn't the most insane bit of logic ever. So male prostitutes can use condoms. What about the little boys being fucked by catholic priests? What about nuns being raped by priests? What about AIDs infested men having sex with their wives in Africa? No? I see. That's very big of you, pope Ratz.

This is just awesome:

And look at this little sea slug! It's like a living mandelbrot! I hope it's real. If you know anything about it, let me know!

What I'm grateful for (not a complete list):

  • Lab rats and animals used in science.

  • medications and pills that really help people, either prescription or over the counter.

  • scientists

  • my friends

  • the interwebs and being connected

  • my awesome husband Butch

  • our 2 crazy dogs

  • clean water, a roof over our heads, food to eat, all the necessities

and I praise GOD for giving me all these things! HA! Just kidding!


  1. LMAO! I love god’s special post-it so much I posted it on FB! I agree–it *is* a great place to start in writing one’s own moral code… Minus the part where it came from a god… :)

  2. I'm grateful for my family & friends
    interwebs and connections
    my 2 crazy cats
    health enough to work & take care of myself
    leaders who are compassionate enough to pass legislation that helps us take care of ourselves
    a healthy mind & the ability to think for myself
    food, clothing, shelter
    a working car
    and many more things too long to list

  3. I forgot to add that I am thankful for the wonderful lady who set up this forum and continues to run it. Thank you, Neece.

  4. An excellent list, Angie. :) Mine is much too long to list too. :)

  5. Exactly, Jason! The god part is fiction anyway, so best to leave it off. :)

  6. Aww shucks! Thank you so much, Angie! You made my week! :D :D :D