Does the pope live in the popemobile bubble all the time? Does he have zero connection with the real world? My friend Dan sent me the following link yesterday: Pope: Christians are most persecuted group: Pressing concern for Christian minorities, especially in the Middle East.

In the pope's World Peace Day announcement, he denounced "lack of freedom of worship as an "intolerable" threat to world security." Hello?! Pot, this is kettle!

Ok, sure, if a christian lives in the Middle East, yes, they are probably a minority. What if they are an atheist though? Anyone who would call themselves godless in a muslim country would be stoned. I think muslims will tolerate christians and jews to a certain extent, at least they are supposed to, as "people of the book". Of course that doesn't mean that they aren't still considered infidels.

(Or just try being female in the middle east. If you aren't covered from head to toe, you get stoned. If someone rapes you, you get stoned, ad infinitum.)

So the pope might be right in some respects, but as I got further into the report, my jaw dropped to the floor. Here's the end:
"He appealed to authorities to "act promptly to end every injustice" against Christians."

This is beyond the pale! Hey, here's an idea, why not end "injustice" against the systematic rape and torture of innocent young catholic boys (and girls)  for years on end by priests?! Or the rape of nuns by priests? How about that religious injustice?

Some guy once said, "Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."
"Benedict didn't cite countries, but in past years church officials have lamented that Christians — most of them migrant workers — are forbidden to worship in Saudi Arabia."

Didn't Jesus say to worship, or at least pray, in private anyway? (Matthew 6:1-6)
"He blasted what he called "more sophisticated forms of hostility to religion, which, in Western countries, occasionally find expression in a denial of history and the rejection of religious symbols which reflect the identity and the culture of the majority of its citizens."

He's complaining about a denial of history against christians? Can this be any more offensive? Feel free to comment with examples. My brain just short-circuited but I know the church has denied history in the past.

Or what about how christians grind down every native culture and try to convert everyone to their narrow, delusional, authoritarian worldview, stealing indigenous and pagan religious symbols and subverting them into christian symbols. The bible says not to worship heathen trees (Jeremiah 10:2-4) and yet they now have the christmas tree that they insist is theirs. The list goes on and on.

Just follow any missionary and watch how they force their religion and beliefs onto the native peoples. Look at what they've done to Africa, as a perfect example. Christianity has been forced into the cultures there; birth control has been forbidden and condoms (which prevent the spread of AIDS) have been forbidden. So people have big families, AIDS is widespread, there isn't enough food to feed these big families, and children and people die horrific deaths. Not to mention how children are tortured and slaughtered for being called witches, thanks to the bible and christianity. It's barbaric.
"Benedict has been continuing a campaign launched by his predecessor, the late John Paul II, to reinvigorate Europe's "Christian roots."
The Vatican has criticized initiatives in some Western countries to ban crucifixes from public places, ranging from classrooms to courtrooms, including in predominantly Catholic Italy.""

Hallelujah, what a great idea! How about encouraging people to think instead of bow and scrape to the symbols of the church? Oh, is that too much? Not enough brainwashing for you? Just because the pope says all these lies doesn't make them true. I find it despicable and incredibly offensive.

How about all the witches that were tortured and burned at the stake for not following the strict rules of the church? As I mentioned above, children are still dying and being tortured and mutilated to this day because of the church's indoctrination in Africa.

So, pope hypocrite. Take the beam out of your eye before you worry about the mote in someone else's. That's a friendly message from your very own book.

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